WTF is wrong with Parenting?

I have just watched the video at the end of the post, and it just came to my mind, What the F is wrong with Jimmy Kimmel and american parenting?  The american television host via his show “Jimmy Kimmel’s LIVE” Youtube Channel presented an idea directed to parents, about telling their kids that they ate all the Halloween candy and recording their reactions.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

I read something about “tough love” but this is more “Soviet Torture Love” than any other else. You can watch the sad but “funny” reactions of kids getting sad about losing their candy. The most irritating thing of all was all the commentaries saying that crying kids were brats, or over spoiled. This “comic” idea is wrong, is not humour when you get involved with such sensible topics.

For those who labeled a crying or aggressive kid as brat, realice that you are commenting about human being with 5 or 8 years of mental growth, of value research, moral fiber; an age where you battle about working for good grades; an age where you learn every day in school about personal property, and walking in costume for candies is their first steps in the big system of effort and gratification, and you are mocking that, you are teaching you are kids that when somebody want to, he can play with your feelings because is “funny”.

“I Told My Kid I Ate All Their Halloween Candy Again” Reaction

It so sad for the parents, because kids don’t forget, and where the teenage years come, that era where you need all the support from the kid size of your teenager, he will remember that their parents value more appearing on a Tv Show that her emotional stability. Kids are complicated, and are getting smarter by year.

And Jimmy Kimmel, what’s next in your “great ideas portfolio” ? A Christmas Special Edition where parents dressed a bid doll as Santa an then it burst into flames? Or Maybe the idea “Kids, we wanted to tell you that we are divorcing…………..Naaaaah! Just Kidding!! HA HA HA The look on your faces is amazing”

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