Why Rihanna didn’t visit Oscar with Chris Brown?

Author:  Jayanta Khan

EXCLUSIVE news for you! Rihanna shunned her part with Chris at the Oscar bash since she and her girlfriends were celebrating Rihanna’s birthday party.

According to the exclusive report of HollywoodLife.com, Rihanna, still now, continues to celebrate her 25th birthday. Instead of accompanying Chris Brown to 21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party on 24th February, went to hang out with all her close friends.

A close source of Unapologetic says to HollywoodLife.com, “She’s with her girls enjoying her birthday. For her, the party ain’t ending and why should it.”

Although Chris and Rihanna are a very good couple, she took the back seat from the celebration with Chris following the Oscars. On February 20, Rihanna turned 25 and celebrated her birthday with Chris (23 years old) in Hawaii. The star couple was seen enjoying each other’s company walking down the beach holding their hands. They also had fun in jet skiing.

Rihanna Shares Her Birthday Pictures with Chris on the Instagram     

On her Instagram, Rihanna shared the entertainment moments she had on her birthday by posting numerous photos. The pictures showed how the couple smiled and cuddled together. It seems that this bright couple had a lot of fun during Rihanna’s birthday!

The source further added, “She’s got her life. Chris got his life, and it was all good. Life is perfect for them, they’re both just in control of they’re relationship and careers and it’s a beautiful and positive thing.”

Chris and Rihanna is a perfect couple! It is apparent from their relation that Chris thoroughly enjoys the company of Rihanna. He is very happy when he is with her! Again, it is said that Rihanna loves her beloved twice as much as he does.

Now, the question is – when will Rihanna finally stop celebrating her 25th birthday?

Author’s Bio: Jayanta Khan is an entertainment lover and a great fan of Rihanna. he shares all updated news about his celebrity singer. His subscription to DISH Network packages  gave his enormous opportunity to watch the different shows of Rihanna.

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