Why Making a Batman/Superman Movie is a Bad Idea

A few days ago Warner Bros. rocked Comic Con when they announced a Batman/Superman movie is in production and is due to be out in 2015. Fans of both superheroes have been cheering all over the world ever since the announcement was made and we are all impatiently waiting to see the showdown between DC’s two most popular heroes. The last time we saw the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight being bid against each other was in Frank Miller’s “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” and that wasn’t really the mainstream Batman most people know and love (it was an old Batman coming out of retirement). It was only logical for Batman to win since he is the more popular of the two. The Caped Crusader beats the Kryptonian also in terms of gross revenue generated by their latest respective movies, as well. All of this is to say that if Batman and Superman meet on the big screen, then The Detective will probably win. I don’t know how well they will execute the idea, but I think now is not the time for such a movie and I will explain why.

Superman VS Batman

The Dark Knight Trilogy

Lets face it – Christopher Nolan‘s “Dark Knight” trilogy is considered by many to be the best comic book movies ever made. Even though “The Dark Knight Rises” had many plot holes and was a huge letdown compared to the “Dark Knight”, the trilogy is revered by both comic book fans and people who have never held a Batman comics in their life. The only problem is that the trilogy was as loosely based on the comics as “I, Robot” was loosely based on Asimov’s short stories. Don’t get me wrong, they are good movies, but they are not comic book movies. It’s hard to say they are even in the DC Universe. If you think I’m wrong, then imagine Batman from Nolan’s trilogy into the same universe as Superman from “The Man of Steel”. You can’t, can you? That’s because they have nothing in common. Nolan’s version of The Caped Crusader destroyed his chances of being seamlessly featured in any sort of movie if it’s even remotely related to the DC Universe.

DC vs. Marvel

Another problem is that DC didn’t manage to their job of bringing their characters to the big screen in the same way Marvel did. Think about it – “Iron Man”, “The Incredible Hulk”, “Captain America”, “Thor”, “Iron Man 2” – all of them foreshadowed “The Avengers” and all of them were obviously in the same universe with the same rules and even looked alike. DC, however, has done nothing of the sort – “The Dark Knight” trilogy had nothing to do with the comics, let alone The Justice League, “The Man of Steel” and “Green Lantern” have pretty much nothing in common, and not to mention the fact that we are nowhere near Wonder Woman, Flash or Aquaman movies. For them to make a Batman/Superman movie right now with the current state of affairs is a rash decision, to say the least. There’s going to be so much that won’t make any sense. Before you make a crossover, you have to establish the characters (like Marvel did)– one Superman movie and technically zero Batman movies is just not enough. In my opinion, DC are chasing Marvel and are making huge mistakes in doing so. I hope I’m wrong about this because if I’m right, this movie will be one of the biggest disappointments of the decade.

Author Bio: Brandon Bradshaw is film enthusiast and blogger. He has a company that provides end of tenancy cleaning London services and in same time he works on establishing his own blog.

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