True Blood Accents: Which Characters are from Where?


HBO struck while the vampire iron was hot, and made True Blood must-see TV. The show is set down in southern Louisiana, and the accents are as thick as the humid air.Hm. The accents.

The accents are an irreplaceable part of True Blood. Southern drawls make the blood sucking/brooding that much more dramatic. But. Something is afoot down in Bon Temps.

True Blood’s actors are not from Bon Temps (mostly because it’s a fictional place) – BUT – most of them aren’t even from the US. Take a look.

Stephen Moyer AKA Bill Compton
Who is Bill Compton? Bill is a relatively young vampire (less than 200 years) originally from Bon Temps. He was a Civil War vet (how American of him) and is now a crazed Lilith-loving vamp with the thickest Southern accent you’ve ever heard.
Who is Stephen Moyer? That thick Southern drawl? It’s coming from an Englishman. Moyer was born in Brentwood, Essex, England. He went to the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. He worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company. He …. is so British.

Anna Paquin AKA Sookie Stackhouse
Who is Sookie Stackhouse? Sookie is a human-fairy hybrid and True Blood’s main character. She is also a Bon Temps native and waitress at a local restaurant. She also can’t stay out of trouble.
Who is Anna Paquin? Besides being one of the youngest Academy-Award winners ever, she was a) born in Canada and b) raised in New Zealand. Paquin has mentioned in interviews before that she sometimes has a hard time hiding her NZ accent when portraying her Southern belle counterpart.
Fun fact – Her real life counterpart is co-star Stephen Moyer. They are married with fraternal twins.

Alexander Skarsgård AKA Eric Northman
Who is Eric Northman? A 1,000 year old vampire who was a Viking in his human life. He is decidedly attractive, decidedly cunning and decidedly in love with Sookie.
Who is Alexander Skarsgård? Or better yet, who is Alexander Johan Hjalmer Skarsgård? He is Swedish, and the son of fellow actor Stellan Skarsgård. He was born in Stockholm, served in the Swedish military and even went to school in England for a time.
Check out his Swedish accent:

Ryan Kwanten AKA Jason Stackhouse
Who is Jason Stackhouse? Sookie’s older brother, former QB1 and one of the only True Blood characters to not have supernatural abilities.
Who is Ryan Kwanten? Despite his macho Southern football demeanor, Kwanten is an Aussie. Born in Sydney, Kwanten was actually on an Australian soap opera for 5 years. One word Kwanten has said that was tough to master with his southern drawl? Body. Interesting, since Jason Stackhouse is known for his ridiculous physique.
So now you know. Four of True Blood’s main characters are putting on the Ritz with those accents. But don’t be disheartened, because there are some real Southerners in the cast – Sam Trammell ( aka Sam Merlotte) is from New Orleans, and Carrie Preston (Arlene Bellefleur) is from Macon, Georgia.
The current season of True Blood airs on HBO Sunday nights at 10pm ET.

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