Tom Hanks and Robert Zemeckis in a new movie.

After tooling around with motion-capture for the last decade, director Robert Zemeckis makes his return to live-action this year with the drama Flight with Denzel Washington.  It’s a welcome change for the Back to the Future filmmaker, and it now looks like he plans on sticking with non-rubber faced people for the time being as Tom Hanks has provided a promising update on the space adventure Major Matt Mason.  The 3D pic is an adaptation of the popular action figure and will star Hanks as the titular Mason, an astronaut trapped on a moon base with a group of people.

The film would mark a welcome reunion between Zemeckis and Hanks, who previously teamed up on Cast AwayThe Polar Express, and of course Forrest Gump.  The Matt Mason story actually sounds a bit like Cast Away only with a group of people instead of one man, so it’ll be interesting to see what the duo has in store.


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