Three Villains for ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′

The shooting has begun and the casting keep on getting bigger and bigger. We are talking about ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘ starred by Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Peter Parker will return to the big screen in another movie about saving New York, fighting crime and injustice and working the great responsibilities that came with great powers.

Jamie Foxx will be ‘Electro’ in ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2′

After the success of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man‘ grossing over 250 million dollars in 2012, Director Marc Webb brings up the sequel for the Marvel Comics superhero. In a franchise like Spiderman, producers and writers have been putting up the same plot line since the days where the Spiderman TV Show was aired. The plot keeps the line of following Peter Parker in his superhero journey fighting on every episode a different villain. This scheme is also used in the Batman production in the DC Comics Universe.

So every episode or every movie, curiosity made us wonder, which villain would be next? According to a latest casting update, Spiderman will be facing 3 antagonists.

In 2012 we read the news that Academy Award Winner, Jamie Foxx had agreed on portraying the role of Electro as ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘ main villain. Electro’s birth name is Max Dillon. He was an electric engineer and meanwhile working a power line he was struck by a lighting gaining the ability to control electricity. According to latest resources Jamie Foxx Electro suit would be modified to a more realistic look instead of the green and yellow eternal suit from the comics.

Lately, comic blogs has mentioned about the possibility for Rhino to appear in Spiderman sequel. Rhino or better named, Aleksei Sytsevich, was another part of the Russia mafia who was chosen for his muscular physique and low IQ for several scientific and chemical tests. The treatments made him a superhuman agent. His abilities include superhuman strength, speed, endurance and a razor sharp horn. Aleksei’s powerful armor permanently bonded to his form, was modeled after the hide of a rhinoceros. Apparently, the character of Rhino will be portrayed by Academy Award Nominee, Paul Giamatti.

The third one on the row and that according to the history, will be a very important part of the story is the Green Goblin. Norman Osborn, the head of Oscorp and father of Peter Parker best friend will appear in the sequel but not as a main villain, not till the end of the movie (we presume). Osborn, an unethical industrialist that after drinking a serum that enhanced his physical abilities and intellect was driven to insanity will become Spider-man archenemy. In 2002 the Green Goblin was played by Willem Dafoe in ‘Spiderman’ directed by Sam Raimi. Academy Award Winner, Chris Cooper has been selected to played the role of Norman Osborn in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2″.

With these catalogue of villains for the upcoming movie, it appears that Webb is presenting the beginnings of the super villains group called the ‘Sinister Six‘. We can only expect that for the next sequel Spiderman will be facing Vulture, Mysterio, Kraven the Hunter and a new version of Doctor Octopus and the Sandman.

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