There Will Be A ‘Left Behind’ Remake

Movies is a hard business to got yourself involved. You can chose over and get inspired by novels, by comics, by fantasy, drama or comedy. Movies are based on epics or reality but they will always have the same main goal of touching the viewer on any positive way. If your answer to the movie request is hate, repulsion or indifference the movie is a failure.

Kirk Cameron on ‘Left Behind’ (2000)

It is very important to know who is the director, the producer and actors just for comparison with previous projects. Those data will also help you to have an early impression regarding the movie subject. When some producer decide on investing in a new remake, all the eyes will be reviewing the original product with the new version, and Hollywood is the fountain of “When we have nothing to do, grab something old and make it new“.

A remake of an unusual film is being developed by Cloud Ten Pictures whose production will begin in the late 2013 and will starred One Tree Hill Chad Michael Murray. The movie is ‘Left Behind’ based on the book series by the same name and is starred by Christian converted Kirk Cameron. The once Mike Seaver on Growing Pains decided in the year 2000 to participate on a christian roots film about the apocalypse of the Christ non believers.

The featured film didn’t have positive reviews instead the movie is rated 4.4 on the 4.4/10 average. 

Desson Howe from The Washington Post described the movie as “...a blundering cringefest, thanks to unintentionally laughable dialogue, hackneyed writing and uninspired direction. The more this movie tries, the worse it gets. Its sincerity ends up becoming a bulging bull’s-eye for rotten-tomato throwers.

Apparently the new production company will give the remake a more “Michael Bay” view of a Christian Apocalypse movie.

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