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Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day

Author: Izzy Smith.

Valentine’s Day is believed to be the most romantic day of the year. No matter if you are in love and have your partner or you are secretly loving someone and are waiting for this day to reveal your feelings, this day is so full of love that we can hardly breathe.

The history of this day actually has nothing romantic about it. It is believed that it was named after one of two martyrs living in the past. They both lived in the 2nd and 3rd centuries.The next famous Valentine was Saint Valentine from the 15th century and it was an abbey existing in the past.People always love to make legends and there is one very popular story about the establishment of the Valentine’s Day. It is believed that St. Valentine was real person living in the 3rd century.

By this time the Church was going under very hard period and was enduring great prosecution. What was exceptional about this person is that the main thing that he was doing about this time was to help everybody to escape the prosecution and leave the city. He was also secretly marrying people which was something absolutely forbidden by that time in the Roman Empire. Unfortunately he was captures and interrogated by the Romans, who was in charge with that. He managed to impress his interrogator Claudius. As Claudius was trying with any possible methods to make him confess in paganism, Saint Valentine was trying to convince him back in the philosophy of the Christianity.Of course, after the “crimes” he made according to the former institutions in the Roman Empire, he was soon after that executed.

The legend continues though and does not end with his death. The story claims that he managed to heal the blind daughter of the person who was keeping him in the jail. Today it is one of the most beautiful days and holidays of the year. Though it is in the middle of the cold winter, it can warm up every heart that is in love.The red roses are the classical choice for this day. But we strongly advice you to put the effort not so much on the kind of flowers you will pick, but on the way you will give them to the person you love.

Many women will expect flowers and gifts on this day, but the surprise will make the day even more special. Do not wait for the evening to give her the most beautiful bouquet. Send it at the office. She will be prouder that ever and really feel loved and appreciated as all her colleges are admiring the magnificent bouquet you have picked for her. If you have chosen this way to send flowers, you have to give more effort in planning. If you want everything to be ok, order the flowers earlier.

Do not feel limited to celebrate the day of love for only twenty-four hours. If Valentine’s Day is on Friday or Saturday for example, make your life nice for longer and celebrate during the whole weekend. What is following next logically is a romantic trip. In case you do not have the possibility to travel especially in this moment, organize special evening and dinner at home.

Make special decoration and add special touch to everything. It is good idea the next two or three days to do everything, that you both like. For example go on the beach, watch nice movies or even do some sports together. The important thing is to do things together and enjoy them with lots of love.