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Mayim Bialik Files for Divorce

The time has come for TV actress, Mayim Bialik to end her marriage with her husband Michael Stone, after 9 years of marriage and two kids. The divorce agreement came from the actress side and the papers were filed on November 21.

Mayim Bialik and Michael Stone Marriage in 2003.

Mayim Bialik has become a two generation actress. People over 30 remember her for her leading role in “Blossom”. Meanwhile people under 30 recognizes Mayim Bialik for her current role as Sheldon Cooper love interest Amy Farrah Fowler in Tv Show “The Big Bang Theory.”

For many people, Bialik was a forgotten actress. Someone whose show was over and then decided to dedicate to her family and studies. But as many actors did, like Patrick Dempsey and Teri Hatcher, Bialik had an unexpected and amazing comeback by the hand of producer Chuck Lorre. It should be emphasized that in that time away from Tv, the actress did a PhD program on Neuroscience on UCLA. Her character on the show has the same post-degree program.

The actress is now facing an unfortunate step in her life. On Wednesday November 21, Bialik filed for divorce of her 9 years marriage with Michael Stone. The couple got married on 2003 and had two kids together, Miles and Fred. It is well known that the actress stated irreconcilable differences on the divorce papers and will ask for the shared custody of the kids.

Howard Wolowitz is BACK!!!! B!tches

I haven’t seen “The Big Bang Theory” in a while, well is not that i missed so many episodes, just like 5 maximun; but i did see the “He said She Said” about Wolowitz going to space, just like the time they did go to Alaska, with so more drama. Well Wolowitz is back, apparently the guys (Sheldon, Leonard and Raj) find a replacement in Stuart, loser guy who owns the comic book store.