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Student Guide: Accommodation for Students

Author: Izzy Smith.

There are multiple ways of finding proper accommodation when you are a student. Students usually do not have too many requirements and are tend to living in groups which will significantly lower the monthly cost per person when it comes to the rental price. That is why finding you the best student accommodation is one of the easiest things especially in case you are willing to invest your time in finding the best place to suit your needs.

The following lines will give you a basic idea on how to find the right accommodation for you and what you should look for in a place in case you want to hire it.

1.- Think about whether you want the place to be furnished or not. Unfurnished places will significantly lower the cost of the property but it is a bit more difficult for you if you have to transport the furniture by yourself. Besides, in case you are not going to live alone (which is a very common practice when it comes to students accommodation), you will have to agree with your room mates on what will every one of you take.

2.- Also decide whether you want to live in the university campus or in the city itself. Have in mind that living in the campus will be much easier in terms of finding the proper place to live. However, as living in the city centre is very often preferred compared to living in the campus, you might prefer finding a proper apartment or a house there. For that purpose, follow the next tips:

3.- Look for a real estate agency or at least a real estate agent who will help you with finding the place you want. Most real estate agencies require a commission – it is usually up to 50 percent of the first month hire. However, they will help you determine the criteria for the properties.  If you are lucky and find a reliable agency that will take care of your wishes and interests, you will save a lot of efforts, stress and last but not least money.

4.- However, as not all real estate agencies can be trusted many people prefer to look for accommodation by themselves. Students usually search the Internet or local newspapers to find an apartment or a house. They like an offer there and after that decide to go and see the place itself. This will help students save themselves money due to the fact that there are no commissions the agencies.

5.- No matter if you will decide to use the services of a real estate agency, or to find the accommodation by yourself, there is one very important thing you should do before signing the rental contract. Check the facilities of the place you are about to hire – whether there is a laundry, closets and fire exits. If even one of these is not order or is missing, you’d better do not rent the place.

Remember, hiring a student accommodation is no different than hiring any other type of accommodation. And if you carefully look for it, you will not regret your choice.