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Manu Bennett Becomes a Series Regular in Arrow

Arrow fans will be pleased to know that Manu Bennett (Spartacus), who plays Slade Wilson a.k.a Deathstroke, will be a series regular for Arrow’s second season. Bennett joins the also-recently-promoted Colton Haynes (Roy Harper) and Emily Bett Rickars (Felicity Smoak).

Thanks to THR’s Lesley Goldberg, fans of the series and the comic could be seeing Slade in Season 2, on the island, and maybe… elsewhere?

Manu Bennett will be Slade in the 2nd Season

Manu Bennett will be Slade in the 2nd Season

Producers of the series have been cagey about whether Bennett would follow his comic book counterpart and become the famed villain. Greg BerlantiAndrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim have written Slade as an ally to Oliver, but as we have seen they do not agree on everything.

So far we can only assume that Bennett’s scene will continue on the island, we gotta remember that Oliver (Stephen Amell) was in Lian Yu for five years. Much can happen in that time and we have yet to see what.

As a fan of the character and the series, it would be great to see Slade Wilson appear in the present day, eyepatch and all. Perhaps we could be seeing some members of the Wilson family, maybe a Ravager or two…

Check Out Arrow Promo for Dodger

Next week on Arrow we’ll Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) take on an all-new enemy in Dodger episode 15th of the action-drama series. Feel free to check out the extended-promo for the upcoming action-packed episode.

The episode goes something like this:

Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) tells Oliver he’s all work and no play, so he asks Detective McKenna (guest star Janina Gavankar) on a date. A jewel thief named Dodger (guest star James Callis) hits Starling City and targets someone very close to Oliver. Meanwhile, while working with Laurel (Katie Cassidy), Thea (Willa Holland) gets her purse stolen by a very fast pickpocket named Roy Harper (guest star Colton Haynes). Moira (Susanna Thompson) makes a move against Malcom (John Barrowman). Colin Donnell and Paul Blackthorne also star.”

First Look at Colton Haynes as Roy Harper in Arrow

Next week, the star from ‘Teen Wolf‘, Colton Haynes will make his debut on The CW‘s Arrow as a small time pick-pocket Roy Harper. The Hollywood Reporter has posted the first image of Haynes as the character.

Colton Haynes as Roy Harper and Willa Holland as Thea Queen

Colton Haynes as Roy Harper and Willa Holland as Thea Queen

In the series, Harper is described as “a handsome, street-savvy teen from the Glades, the poverty-stricken area of Starling City who winds up being the object of affection for Thea, despite her own misgivings and those of ther family. The character is “destined” to become a significant part of her life and an important player in the drama.”

So far it has not been revealed if Harper will ever team up with Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) like in the comics, but with the introduction he will have in the episode

Dodger” is the episode of Arrow that will premiere on February 20. The good news is that it features the first appearance of Colton Haynes as Roy Harper.

In this episode fans will see the return of Kelly Hu as China White, some Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak, James Callis as the episode’s villain The Dodger, Janina Gavankar as McKenna, and Susanna Thompson’s Moira having a meeting I’m not sure the Arrow would approve of.

‘Arrow’ Renewed for a Second Season

Usually, May and October are the months most waited for the Tv critics or for New Programming “Aficionados“. Is in these moments of the year where the new projects and the cancellations are announced. Having this as a traditional timeline, when project is renewed or cancelled before this dues, gives the conclusion that the TV program was amazingly great or just awful.

Luckily, the new superhero series ‘Arrow’ has become one of the extraordinary cases. The Tv Show based on DC Comics character ‘Green Arrow’/Oliver Queen, has been renewed for its second season. The CW Network has ordered the renewal for its hit series ‘Arrow’, ‘Vampire Diaries’ and ‘Supernatural’.

The Tv show whose Pilot episode was aired on October 2012, has already been nominated for a People Choice Award for Best New Tv Drama. With 18 episodes on its first season, ‘Arrow’ has earned a 8,3/10 on the IMDB ranking.

The success of this new tv show can be rely on several facts like: the show is based on a comic book, which is the current trend for hit shows and blockbusters, looking cases like ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘The Avengers’; the fact that the performances and the characters breaks the archetype of a common superhero stories; the fact of the collaboration of new but well known faces like Manu Bennet, Crixus on ‘Spartacus Series, playing the villain ‘DeathStroke‘ as well as Actor Seth Gabel playing villain ‘Count Vertigo‘ and Teen Wolf Colton Haynes playing Arrow Sidekick ‘Speedy’; or is it the fact the show is very profitable and successful due to the issue that is filmed in Canada where the lower taxes support the productions.

Regardless the reason, there isn’t a doubt, ‘Arrow’ is currently the “it show” in over-the-air television networks.

First Official Look At Manu Bennett as Deathstroke in Arrow

In just two weeks, Arrow will give it’s fans the first real introduction to Deathstroke, a character who has been teased since the opening moments of the series pilot.

In the DC Universe Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) is a dangerous mercenary and an unstoppable assassin that has fought against everyone from Batman to the Justice League (and sometimes won) in the comics. During the brief flashback island scene we’ve seen the imposing figure wearing the mask and silently toruring Oliver (Stephen Amell). But on February 6 episode, title Betrayal,” will mark the first appearance without the mask.

For this episode someone who could hold his own against Amell in terms of physicality and acting skills was no small feat, so it’s no surprise that the CW producers turned to Manu Bennett (the undefeated gladiator Crixus in Starz’s “Spartacus“) to wear Deathstroke’s signature black and orange outfit.

As it was reported by EW, Slade and Oliver “form an uneasy alliance on the island of Lian Yu” in Episode 13, courtesy of the flashbacks.

Here are three exclusive preview shots of Bennett as Slade Wilson.

Deadshot is Not Dead in Arrow

Last night TVGuide.com confirmed that Deadshot, portrayed by Michael Rowe, will indeed be back in Arrow Episode 16, titled “Dead To Rights“. The episode is penned by DC Comics vet Geoff Johns, which will place both fighters in a head-to-head once again.

Michael Rowe returns as Deadshot

Michael Rowe returns as Deadshot

The sharp-shooting assassin, whom Oliver (Stephen Amell) shot in the eye, more like in the device he used to measure distances, will return in the second half of Arrow’s first season.

As fans came to realize Deadshot apparently assassinated Diggle (David Ramsey) brother, based on the tattoo of his name on the killers body. This means that the DC Comics villain will be appearing in a future Arrow episode as well.

We see Diggle becoming very vulnerable and really dealing with feelings of revenge,” Ramsey told TVGuide.com. “He has a certain amount of guilt for his brother’s death. His revenge quest and avenging his brother’s death will play out. Some of those very things he’s warned Oliver about, Diggle will have to deal with.”

Arrow’s Deadshot was the second character to be introduced in the Arrowverse. Rowe’s character joins the rogue gallery of Ollie’s enemies. We have already seen the Royal Flush Gang, Firefly, soon we’ll see The Count (Vertigo), and the recurring anti-hero, The Huntress/ Helena Bertinelli portrayed by Jessica De Gouw and the Dark Archer, portrayed by John Barrowman.

First Look of Seth Gabel as The Count in Arrow

Today TV Guide posted the first images of Seth Gabel (Fringe) as The Count in the upcoming episode of Arrow. Gabel’s character is based on the DC Comics villain Count Vertigo, however in the series the name Vertigo belongs to a new drug that begins to spread in Starling City.

Seth Gabel as The Count in Arrow

Seth Gabel as The Count in Arrow

He’s a very interesting character, and the way Seth performs him, he plays him with a lot of flair,” said executive producer Marc Guggenheim.

The fun thing about The Count is he’s actually a businessman. He’s got a little bit of a sociopathic streak in him, for sure, but he sees himself as an entrepreneur, as creating not drugs, but art. He compares his drug to performing a social service and to a fine wine, so he has a very skewed view of what it is that he does. At the same time, we know that he’s not only sociopathic, but he’s very sadistic as well.”

Seth Gabel as The Count faces Arrow

Seth Gabel as The Count faces Arrow

Seth Gabel will debut as The Count in two weeks, in an episode titled “Vertigo”

Stay tuned for more news on Arrow the hit action series of Warner with Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen a.k.a ‘Green’ Arrow.