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Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz Expecting Second Baby

With her latest collaborations in Woody Allen and Pedro Almodovar projects, ‘To Rome With Love’ and ‘Im so excited’; and his remarkable performance as the villain in the latest James Bond movie, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem have become the “Royal Spanish Couple”.

Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz

This couple of talented and successful actors are expecting their second baby, according to the Spanish news. Currently they have a son together, Leo Encinas Bardem who was born in 2011; 4 years after they began dating. Cruz and Bardem reunite thanks to Woody Allen in the set of his Oscar Winning Film ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’. I apply the term “reunite” because this wasn’t the first movie they did together.

They participate in the movies: ‘Jamon, Jamon’, ‘Carne Tremula’ and ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’. These three films heavily charged with sexual thematic so it was obvious they were destined to be together. Besides sharing a baby, a marriage, they both have won Academy Awards for Outstanding Performances in a Supporting Role. Penelope Cruz received hers in 2008 for ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ meanwhile Javier Bardem received his in 2007 for ‘No Country for Old Men’.

It is announced that penelope Cruz will portrait “Macarena Granada” in the upcoming movie ‘Reina de España’. It will premiere in 2014.


Spain: The Best Destination For Your Family Holiday

Author: Izzy Smith.

Choosing the perfect holiday destination for you and your family is not the easiest task, but your choice can be narrowed down according to the type of holiday, the desired climate and your budget. If you want plenty of tourist attractions, glorious weather, rich culture, vibrant cities and beautiful small towns, the location is one – Spain. This splendid land of sun, fun and culture will make you want to come again and again. When you stay on a family holiday in Spain, you can rent a car and visit small villages of exceptional beauty, explore the countryside, try the wine and delicious cuisine and go to all the best beaches. The magnificent coastline, the vibrant nightlife and the hospitable people are only some of the advantages of a family holiday in Spain. The country has attractions for all ages, interests and budget. Here are the top destinations for your family holiday in Spain.

Barcelona: Definitely one of the favourite locations – a city of beautiful scenery and rich culture. Barcelona is one of the must-see sightseeing cities in the whole of Europe, full of galleries, museums and various entertainment. The street performers, the great food and the music will enchant you instantly. Barcelona has some of the finest Mediterranean beaches, only a few minutes’ walk from the centre of the city.

Benidorm: Just outside of Alicante, it’s an ideal location for a beach holiday with your children. Terra Mitica Park is one of the biggest attractions – a theme park where you can stay the whole day. Other such spots are Aqualandia Water Park and Mundormar Marine Animal Park.

Galicia: Known as one of the provinces of Spain, Galicia may not be that popular, but it actually offers its visitors a taste of what Spain is really like – rich heritage and culture, a breathtaking landscape, coves and bays. You can relax in the sun or explore the area with your family. It’s also the place to immerse in the divine Spanish cuisine and taste the most delicious tapas in Spain.

Granada: A great destination where culture and adventure meet. Situated close to the ski resort of Sierra Nevada, Granada is the place to sunbathe and ski. The beautiful areas are full of cultural spots such as Generalife and Alhambra Palace.

Madrid: The capital of Spain is one of the popular cities for tourists in Europe. Favored for its numerous archeological and cultural sights, Madrid is the perfect family holiday destination. It offers a great nightlife, dining, shopping, entertainment, live scene and music. Some of the best European night clubs are in Madrid. A family can enjoy the calmer environment in some of the numerous local pubs.

Spain is one of those countries that are equally great for family holidays, romantic getaways and fun gathering with friends. The fine cuisine, the exciting nightlife and the beautiful sandy beaches attract millions of visitors from all over the world every year. Its proximity to France and Portugal allow tourists to explore the neighboring cities by car or train and enjoy the beauty of Western Europe to its fullest. For an unforgettable family holiday, head to Spain and you won’t be disappointed – the country has everything a tourist could ever want.

Paz Vega Suffers for Unemployment in Spain

During an interview with Mexican newspaper “El Universal” Spanish actress Paz Vega has expressed her sadness towards the economic crisis Spain is living.

Spanish Actress Paz Vega

 You may remember her as the latin housekeeper on “Spanglish” starring Adam Sandler. Paz Vega is currently located in Mexico filming her second project with director Alfonso Pineda Ulloa.

“It is sad to realize that life can change you in a bit” With that line Vega began her interview about the economic deterioration in her country, and how this have affected the Spanish Film Industry.

“What Spain is living nowadays is something unprecedented, this has always been a happy country with so much light, and now that sparkle is starting to fade. The blame lies in something so profane as the money. Something terrible for Spanish Film industry. We don’t the chance anymore to work in our country.” Vega expressed.

However, the actress has been able to dodge the economic crisis and the unemployment  by participating on filming projects around the globe. Paz Vega has been acting in Mexico, USA, Italy and Tunisia.

Vega will share the big screen with Nicole Kidman in the biopic “Grace of Monaco” playing the role of the famous Greek Soprano, Maria Callas.

Portugal and Poland won’t Participate in Eurovision 2013

Eurovision Song Contest is an annual competition between active countries of the European Broadcasting Union, where each member presents a song and performs it on live television, then each and every country votes for their favorites song, the votes are calculated and rated on a 1-12 points scale. The song with the most voting win the Contest.

Eurovision 2013 – Stockholm

It has been 4 years since the World Economic Crisis, and the impact is still latent in the European Continent. The economic depression has caused Portugal to abandon its participation. Apparently the preparation, promotion and logistic traveling costs are out national budget.

Another country leaving the contest, is Poland but for reasons quite different than Portugal. Poland alleged that Eurovision Contest only care about the ratings. The country states that the most important element in the contest must be the song, and the way the voting system is structured for neighbors countries to vote between each other. Something quiet common in countries like Portugal and Spain.

There are certain rumors specifying that Spain will go the same way. According to experts, Spain is living the same issues Portugal and Poland have presented. The economic crisis we heard every day on the news as well as the fact that there has been many years since Spain got an acceptable position on the contest. People relates the lack of victories to the modern preferences of winning a song written in english.

O’Rei Messi y el Mejor Año de la Historia del Fútbol

Lionel Messi  en esta temporada mejoró sus marcas goleadoras. En lo que resta del 2012 busca convertirse en leyenda y ser el límite de los récords.

El crack argentino puede convertirse este año en el mayor goleador de la historia del fútbol. Hasta el Tiempo Transcurrido de este año, Messi convirtió 80 goles; superó la marca de lograda por Pelé y ahora busca completar así el mejor año para un jugador en la historia del fútbol.

Lionel Messi, Celebrando su Primer Gol ante el Spartak de Moscú

Para eso, Lionel Messi deberá convertir 5 goles más lo que queda del 2012 para alcanzar a Gerd Müller, que en 1972 anotó 85 y es hasta el momento el futbolista con más tantos anotados en un mismo año.

Otro de los apartados que le quedan batir es en los Hat-Trick, donde el goleador alemán cuenta con ocho en un mismo año, mientras que el de rosario tiene seis y aun le quedan 10  juegos por disputar: 5 por Liga, 3 de Copa del Rey (En el supuesto caso de que pasen a Octavos de Final), se impuso 3 a 0 al Alavés en la ida y le queda la vuelta, ademas del último por Champions League.

Si marca en uno de esos encuentros, alcanzará la cifra de 41 partidos convirtiendo goles y superará a Müller que en su fantástico 1972 lo hizo en 40 oportunidades.

La Federación Internacional de Historia y Estadísticas del Fútbol (IFFHS) eligió a Lionel Messi como el “Mejor goleador del Mundo 2012″ gracias a sus 23 goles en partidos internacionales, por delante de los 21 de Neymar y 17 de Ibrahimovic, Falcao y Cristiano Ronaldo.

Pero el argentino pudo alcanzar hoy uno de los récords más antiguos, el de Vivian Woodward, que en 1909 festejó 25 veces para Tottenham y Chelsea, y mantiene así una marca de 103 años que hoy Messi logró igualar.

En La Liga Española

Además, Messi puede convertirse en el máximo goleador de la historia de la Liga española. “La Pulga” superó a César Rodríguez como anotador del Barcelona y ahora buscará quitarle la marca en el torneo español.

César tiene un total de 192 tantos, mientras que Messi tiene 184 y cinco partidos por disputar, con la particularidad que en el certamen español el argentino cada vez que marcó lo hizo por duplicado o triplicado.

Messi para el resto de la temporada

Más allá de los récords que pueda marcar este año, el rosarino tiene algunas cuentas pendientes que podrá saldar al término de la presente temporada en junio de 2013.

Si termina el curso como goleador ganará su tercer Botín de Oro, superando así a Thierry Henry, Mario JardelLa Pantera Eusebio, El Torpedo Müller y Cristiano Ronaldo, que lo consiguieron en dos oportunidades.

También podría desplazar al mítico Alfredo Di Stéfano como el mayor anotador en los Clásicos Barcelona-Real Madrid: la “Saeta Rubia” consiguió 18 en toda su carrera, mientras que “La Pulga” lleva 17.

A su vez, si llega a coronarse nuevamente como máximo anotador de la Champions League, el argentino será el primer jugador en lograrlo en cinco oportunidades en este torneo continental, sus números en Liga de Campeones son sencillamente espectaculares. Ya suma 56 goles en esta competición igualando al Gran “VanGol”, el holandés Ruud Van Nistelrooy.

Hasta ahora lo hizo en las temporadas 2008-09 (9), 2009-10 (8), 2010-11 (12) y 2011-12 (14). El goleador histórico de este certamen es Raúl González con 71, 14 más que los que contabiliza el rosarino en la actualidad.

El último reto será superar a Maradona en Argentina: Diego marcó 34 tantos en su campaña con la Selección, mientras que Messi lleva 31 y le quedan solamente Hernán Jorge Crespo con 35 tantos y Gabriel Omar Batistuta con 56 Goles, y a Messi le quedan unos cuantos años por delante.

“The Clásico” a Soccer Game or a Battlefield

El Clasico is no doubt one of the world’s most anticipated sporting events, and it is back Sunday as Real Madrid travel to Camp Nou to face the might of FC Barcelona. The sides have already played each other on home and away soil this season in the Spanish Super Cup, but Real came away with the spoils in away goals. The pressure is on Madrid however, as the Spanish champs are desperate to close the gap on their rivals.

Messi’s Freekick against Real Madrid at Spain Supercup

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid face off on Sunday at Camp Nou when we have reached the seventh game of the season. The Whites trail the Catalans by 8 points, and a defeat in Barcelona would make it virtually impossible for them to attempt to win the league against Tito Vilanova’s men. Because of that, they probably will have more skin in the game, and will need to go after the victory from the kickoff.

Lionel Messi Saves Barça

The FC Barcelona had a complicated game with the Spartak of Moscow.

The Barça from Cristian Tello opened the scoring after 14 minutes, but the home side were pegged back just before the half-hour mark by an own goal from Dani Alves following a Spartak break.

Barça struggled to create many opportunities, and were carved apart on the break once more in the second half as Romulo stunned the home crowd into silence with a goal in the 59th minute to send the visitors ahead.

But Messi popped up with two close-range strikes in the 72nd and 80th minutes to put the Catalans back in the lead for good, though question marks remain after they were given a run for their money by the determined side from Russia.