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Greg Capullo Teases First of Upcoming Riddler Story

Fans of Batman are aware of Greg Capullo‘s attacks to the online drawing board each month. Many await the unannounced day when the artist hints on future editions. Even though the artist and its writer, Scott Snyder are in the midst of the Death of the Family crossover. Despite this amazingly dark and sinister story remains focused on that story, it’s not to far fetched to think about what might happen next in Gotham City.

Recently Scott Snyder hinted that a Riddler story is on his agenda, and today, Greg posted this art on his Deviant Art page.

Riddler by Greg Capullo

Riddler by Greg Capullo

Greg Capullo Talks About the Return of the Joker

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo had a successful year with Batman. The creative duo now faces a new challenge in his second year with the return of the more iconic villain of the Cape Crusader, the Joker.

Joker's face off

Joker’s face off

The Clown Prince of Crime returns this October for the “Death of the Family” story. Capullo described the upcoming story as horror tale, the artist joked saying, “a lot of people have heard me say that it’s. ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Joker’ as it is a psychological terror.”

The artist teased that the Joker will act at a level that has never seen before, but will remain its own particular essence.

What it’s known of the upcoming story its that the Joker will target members of the Batman family, and bring different villains together as well. AV