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Steven Spielberg Assures Robopocalypse Will Happen

Yesterday Martin Levy, spokesman of Steven Spielberg, stated that the upcoming film ‘Robopocalypse‘ was put on hold by the famous director. Today Steven himself talked to the media mainly EW to set the record straight for those that believed the project was dead. The Lincoln director assures fans that the projec is still moving forward, but he has changed his concept for how to approach the novel adaptation.

Robopocalypse (not official art)

Robopocalypse (not an official art)

“We found that the film was costing a lot of money,” Spielberg explains,“and I found a better way to tell the story more economically but also much more personally. I found the personal way into ‘Robopocalypse’, and so I just told everybody to go find other jobs, I’m starting on a new script and we’ll have this movie back on its feet soon.”

Spielberg added that the delay will take around six to eight months before the ‘new’ script is ready. Originally the film was scheduled for release on April 25, 2014. We now can say Robopocalypse will hit the big screen as soon as October 2014.

Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables), Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Ben Wishaw (Skyfall) were supposed to star in the science fiction film. Hopefully they’ll be back once it’s ready for production.


Steven Spielberg Puts Robopocalypse on Hold

Robocalypse was supposed to be Steven Spielberg‘s big budget sci-fi film, but recently it was put on hold. The movie was scheduled to start shooting this spring, apparently Spielberg just wants more time develop it correctly. The project isn’t dead, it will only take a little more time to get to the big screen. Spielberg still plans to direct it, the famous director’s spokesman, Marvin Levy, released a statement saying, the movie is “too important and the script is not ready, and it’s too expensive to produce. It’s back to the drawing board to see what is possible.”

Steven Spielberg puts Robopocalypse on hold

Steven Spielberg puts Robopocalypse on hold

The upcoming film is an adaptation of the novel ‘Robopocalypse’ written by Daniel H. Wilson, while the screenplay was penned by Drew Goddard (Cloverfield). The story focuses on a battle for survival after mankind generates its first mass intelligence computer brain only to see it escape. Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables) and Ben Whishaw (Skyfall) were set to star in it.

Although the film has been slated for an April 25, 2014 release, Spielberg has put the movie on indefinite hold.

Daniel H. Wilson published his famous science fiction novel in 2011, the story is officially described as follows:

In the near future, at a moment no one will notice, all the advanced technology that runs our world will unite and turn against us. Taking on the persona of a shy human boy, a childlike but massively powerful artificial intelligence known as Archos comes online and assumes control over the global network of machines that regulate everything from transportation to utilities, defense and communication. In the months leading up to this, sporadic glitches are noticed by a handful of unconnected humans – a single mother disconcerted by her daughter’s menacing “smart” toys, a lonely Japanese bachelor who is victimized by his domestic robot companion, an isolated U.S. soldier who witnesses a ‘pacification unit’ go haywire – but most are unaware of the growing rebellion until it is too late.

When the Robot War ignites – which will be later known as Zero Hour – humankind will be both decimated and, possibly, for the first time in history, united. Robopocalypse is a brilliantly conceived action-filled epic, a terrifying story with heart-stopping implications for the real technology all around us…

Anne Hathaway Officially Joins ROBOPOCALYPSE

Anne Hathaway (Catwoman) officially joins Ben Whishaw and Chris Hemsworth in the sci-fi thriller Robocalypse, the Steven Spielberg adaption of  Daniel H. Wilson‘s novel. She told Empire, “If Robocalypse happens I will be in it, and I believe it’s quite real, though you never want to hang your hat on anything.” The movie script was penned by Cloverfield‘s Drew Goddard, the plot explores the fate of the human race following a robot uprising.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway Could Join ROBOPOCALYPSE

Anne Hathaway (Catwoman) is undergoing several talks with DreamWorks for the lead female role in Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi film project Robopocalypse. It has also been rumored that Chris Hemsworth (Thor) was also looking to join the film. However there is nothing official for either of the actors.



Robopocalypse, is a novel written by Daniel H. Wilson, the screenplay was written by Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods, Cloverfield).

In a previous interview Spielberg stated, “It’s a movie about a global war between man and machine. I had a great time creating the future on ‘Minority Report,’ and it’s a future that is coming true faster than any of us thought it would. ‘Robopocalypse’ takes place in 15 or 20 years, so it’ll be another future we can relate to. It’s about the consequences of creating technologies, which make our lives easier, and what happens when that technology becomes smarter than we are. It’s not the newest theme, it’s been done throughout science fiction, but it’s a theme that becomes more relevant every year.

Tom Rothman, a former FOX executive will also be part of the movie production.