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Psy is the New King of Youtube

It was 2010 when Lady Gaga music video ‘Bad Romance’ positions itself as number 1 video on Youtube. It’s 2012 and during the year, the number 1 position has flicked over three singers: Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen and Psy.

Psy – Gangam Style – Youtube Views [25-11-2012]

At the beginning of the year, thanks to the promotion of her fellow canadian singer Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen reach the number one of Youtube with her single ‘Call Me Maybe. The hit was so big that a several number of parodies have been done using the single.

On July 15, south korean singer Psy uploaded his music video ‘Gangnam Style’. The melodies and the dancing were so unique, original and catchy than american singers like Britney Spears got addicted to the single. She presented herself in Ellen Degeneres show trying to do the ‘horse riding dance’. The Gangnam Style trend was so big, he banished ‘Call Me Maybe’ and became the new Number 1.

Justin Bieber – Baby – Youtube Views [25-11-2012].

Watching these numbers, the ‘Beliebers’ (that is the name for a fanatical devotee of Justin Bieber) started a campaign to put Justin Bieber first single ‘Baby’ up in number one, and they did. While Psy was parked at 700 million views, Justin got to the 800 million views. That rank must now be updated. A few days ago, Gangnam Style returned to the Number 1 position in Youtube Most Watched Video.

Thanks to the fact that the runner Bieber single was the first one uploaded, 2 years ago; the market who still watch that video is in a high percent a Belieber. On the other hand, Psy uploaded Gangnam Style on July 2012, there are still many people who hasn’t seen the music video or hasn’t forgotten about it. Above of that, Psy reaches to a demography of kids, teens, adults and seniors, male or female, meanwhile Bieber song is dedicated to female teens and young adults.This Number 1 rank in Youtube has not put the singers one against each other, according to their shared manager Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber and Psy might be preparing a collaboration album.

PSY + McHammer = Gangnam Can’t Touch This Style

During the American Music Awards 2012 celebrated yesterday, the crowd burst in excitement when Korean Youtube hit Psy appeared singing the Gangnam Style with rap legend ‘Mc Hammer’.

Nathan Sykes and Siva Kaneswaran from the boyband ‘The Wanted’ singing ‘The Gangnam Style.’

The performance was presented by Will.I.am. With a group of flashes, strobe lights, back dancers, bedazzled pants and sunglasses, Psy began her presentation of his most famous song Gangnam Style. Everything was going pretty regular; you can see shots from the audience, even other singers doing the ‘gallope-dance’ such as the guys from ‘The Wanted’.

With the end of the second chorus of the song, the audio went down and the audience heard “Stop. Hammer Time.”

The rapper, once known as Stanley Burrel appeared next to the korean, and join in a mashup of Gangnam Style‘ and Hammer’s ’2 Legit to Quit’ that made the audience dance the house down.




Oppa Madonna Style!

Even though Lady Gaga statements rejecting the possibility of collaboration with Madonna, “The Material Girl” seems careless towards Gaga’s ditch. The 54 years old singer is now joining the hottest kid in town, south korean rapper PSY and his Gangnam Style.

Madonna and Psy dancing ‘Gangnam Style’

During a concert in New York City, meanwhile Madonna was singing a mashup between “Gangnam Style” and her own “Give it to me”, she and her dancers stop the elaborated choreography to introduce the singer whose Youtube video has passed the 700 million views.

Madonna joins the list of several artist that has accompanied the south korean singer dancing his hit. Britney Spears did it on Ellen Degeneres Show. Glee did it. Former Madonna dancer, Daniel Cloud Campos did it. Even Psy did another version of the song along side korean singer Hyuna.

Here is the video of Madonna and Psy together.

This is PSYcho – 80,000 fans dancing Gangnam Style

Omg, since the beginning of 2012 Im so in K-pop with bands like Shinee and 2en1, I honestly don’t understand a Sh/& what they are saying but who cares?, it was during the 2000s I kept on singing “Vengaboys – Boom Boom Boom” before finding out it was about prostitution and public relations. Well obvioulsy we all know there is this new trend named Psy – Gangnam Style, a south korean whose music video of GangNam Style, full of amazing choreography and bizarre scenes, so disturbing you wanna watch over and over. Well, singer PSY had a concert where 80,000 fans sang and danced along de the “gangnam style” rhytmn.