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Why Rihanna didn’t visit Oscar with Chris Brown?

Author:  Jayanta Khan

EXCLUSIVE news for you! Rihanna shunned her part with Chris at the Oscar bash since she and her girlfriends were celebrating Rihanna’s birthday party.

According to the exclusive report of HollywoodLife.com, Rihanna, still now, continues to celebrate her 25th birthday. Instead of accompanying Chris Brown to 21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party on 24th February, went to hang out with all her close friends.

A close source of Unapologetic says to HollywoodLife.com, “She’s with her girls enjoying her birthday. For her, the party ain’t ending and why should it.”

Although Chris and Rihanna are a very good couple, she took the back seat from the celebration with Chris following the Oscars. On February 20, Rihanna turned 25 and celebrated her birthday with Chris (23 years old) in Hawaii. The star couple was seen enjoying each other’s company walking down the beach holding their hands. They also had fun in jet skiing.

Rihanna Shares Her Birthday Pictures with Chris on the Instagram     

On her Instagram, Rihanna shared the entertainment moments she had on her birthday by posting numerous photos. The pictures showed how the couple smiled and cuddled together. It seems that this bright couple had a lot of fun during Rihanna’s birthday!

The source further added, “She’s got her life. Chris got his life, and it was all good. Life is perfect for them, they’re both just in control of they’re relationship and careers and it’s a beautiful and positive thing.”

Chris and Rihanna is a perfect couple! It is apparent from their relation that Chris thoroughly enjoys the company of Rihanna. He is very happy when he is with her! Again, it is said that Rihanna loves her beloved twice as much as he does.

Now, the question is – when will Rihanna finally stop celebrating her 25th birthday?

Author’s Bio: Jayanta Khan is an entertainment lover and a great fan of Rihanna. he shares all updated news about his celebrity singer. His subscription to DISH Network packages  gave his enormous opportunity to watch the different shows of Rihanna.

Gerard Pique Baby Tweet Prank on Fool’s Day?

About an hour ago, twitter receive the surprise of Shakira newborn baby through her boyfriend, Gerard Pique twitter account. Even though the Spanish soccer player credibility has been blinded taken for truth, we can avoid the fact of Fools Day celebrated on December 28 in many parts of the world.

With the message “Our child has been born. We are very happy. Thanks you all for your messages” Pique convinced his followers through his verified twitter account (@3gerardpique). No picture of the baby has been uploaded.

Coming to a common sense, it is quite rare that news about Shakira entering in labour hasn’t been posted. Shakira is approximately 8 months pregnant so a preterm delivery can happen. We are 80% going that is a Fools Day prank, but the true fun will be regarding all the angry responses towards Fc Barcelona centre-back joke.

So sorry for all the celebrities who wanted to play pranks on twitter, Shakira’s man has already came first.

Shakira’s Baby Has Been Born

After an intense holiday week, one the most googled news of the 2012 comes to a closure. On September 19 we were announcing Shakira’s pregnancy confirmation due to a message posted on her official webpage.The message has come true today, Shakira’s baby is born.

Spanish Soccer Player Gerard Pique tweet about his son birth.

Colombian singer Shakira and FC Barcelona soccer player, Gerard Pique has received their first son. The Spanish centre-back has confirmed through his twitter account.

“Our child has been born. We are very happy. Thanks you all for your messages” Pique posted on his verified twitter account (@3gerardpique)

Some sources are still doubtful towards the big news. The singer and the soccer player have kept a busy weekend, spending the holidays together, tweeting their christmas pictures and confirming that Gerard Pique first son will be registered immediately as a member of the FC Barcelona Club, his daddy football club from the past four years.

Ke$ha Apologizes for ‘Die Young’ Lyrics

It has been reported that american radio stations have decided to pulled from their airwaves, pop-singer Ke$ha latest song “Die Young” towards the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting massacre in Connecticut.

Ke$ha – Die Young

Singers take high risks when deciding for songs that can limit in the extremely sensible and controversial, and in the case of Ke$ha‘s song “Die Young” this one cross all borders of sensitivity due to the recent tragedy that has shocked the world, the Connecticut Elementary school massacre.

The singer has been informed about the situation and through her twitter account, she has posted an understanding message to all of her followers. “I’m so so so sorry for anyone who has been (affected) by this tragedy. and I understand why my song is now inappropriate. words cannot express”

According to radio executives, the song has being playing in all stations before the incident. Now, morning radio host Rich Minor expressed “Even though it’s a fun pop/dance record about seizing the moment, all people are going to hear right now is those two words in the title.”

John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John Together Again After 35 Years

Almost 35 years after “Grease” actors John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John return to the spotlight thanks to Music Video “I Think You Might Like It”. The Christmas themearound the song is one of the aspects that has caused this video gone viral.

Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta.

35 years ago, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John made everyone dance with the Movie Musical “Grease”. Year has past, and each one of them turn separate ways.

John Travolta took the acting train and with the years he has become a well positioned actor in the film industry with majestic performances in “Saturday Night Fever”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Get Shorty”, “The General’s Daughter” and “Hairspray”.

Meanwhile, Olivia Newton-John took the singing train. The british singer scaled on the American Music Industry with singles like “Have you ever been mellow?” and “Physical”, this last one stay for 10 weeks in the number 1 position on Billboard. The singer had a notorious performance on Tv show Glee next to character Sue Sylvester portrayed by actress Jane Lynch, the two of them perform a new version of Newton-John hit “Physical”.

Both of them had to live very dramatic episodes on their lives. In 1992 Newton-John was diagnosed with breast cancer, the disease that forced her to cancel an upcoming tour, and put her through drastic measures for her health. She is now a cancer survivor and activist fighting pro-treatment and prevention of breast cancer.  We can talk about the allegations about Travolta’s gay rumors, but nothing can compare to the tragedy the actor lived in 2009. While traveling with his family in The Bahamas, John Travolta’s son, Jett had a seizure in the bathtub and died. The actor latest confirmed his son had autism and the Kawasaki disease which was discovered as an infant. Jett had a history of previous seizures.

Why are we exploring in Travolta’s and Newton-John life? Because the music video you can watch at the end of the post, has had many opinions of being mediocre and low budget. And it is true, when you watch it, you can see an unprepared choreography, bad acting from the extras and the cliche scene from the meeting at the airport. But, in the other hand, there are facts that overcome the quality of the video.

The budget for the video was $12,000 invested by both of the actors. All the proceeds coming from the sale of the album “This Christmas: John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John” will be destined to Jett Travolta Foundation and Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre in Melbourne, Australia.


Chris Brown Deleted his Twitter Account

Years have passed since the altercation between Chris Brown and Rihanna, which sent the female singer to the hospital and the american rapper to jail. The public opinion haven’t forgotten about the issue, and the rapper is still identified as a domestic abuser.

Chris Brown and Rihanna hugging. (November 2012)

The subject is now turned back to spotlight because of Rihanna recent comments about she still loving him and an Instagram picture of both of them hugging on Thanksgiving Day. On the other hand, the rapper has begun an agressive and vulgar twitter fight with American comedian Jenny Johnson that guided him to suspend his Twitter Account.

Everything started with the rapper tweeting “I look old as f**k! I’m only 23…”. The american comedian replied with “I know! Being a worthless piece of sh*t can really age a person.” From then the cross words got ugly.

Via tweets the rappers suggested the comedian to perform oral sex to him and then assume she was a prostitute. Jenny Johnson responded correcting the rapper orthography and posting a 2009 link about the Rihanna-Brown fight.

Justifying, Chris Brown told Johnson to ask Rihanna is she was mad about the fact he beat her up in 2009. Finally, both of them couldn’t make each other realize their own point of view. Jenny Johnson tweeted “Ok I’m done” meanwhile Chris Brown tweeted to his fans “To teambreezy I’m not upset”.

The rapper alleged he will dedicated himself to live in the real world.

Portugal and Poland won’t Participate in Eurovision 2013

Eurovision Song Contest is an annual competition between active countries of the European Broadcasting Union, where each member presents a song and performs it on live television, then each and every country votes for their favorites song, the votes are calculated and rated on a 1-12 points scale. The song with the most voting win the Contest.

Eurovision 2013 – Stockholm

It has been 4 years since the World Economic Crisis, and the impact is still latent in the European Continent. The economic depression has caused Portugal to abandon its participation. Apparently the preparation, promotion and logistic traveling costs are out national budget.

Another country leaving the contest, is Poland but for reasons quite different than Portugal. Poland alleged that Eurovision Contest only care about the ratings. The country states that the most important element in the contest must be the song, and the way the voting system is structured for neighbors countries to vote between each other. Something quiet common in countries like Portugal and Spain.

There are certain rumors specifying that Spain will go the same way. According to experts, Spain is living the same issues Portugal and Poland have presented. The economic crisis we heard every day on the news as well as the fact that there has been many years since Spain got an acceptable position on the contest. People relates the lack of victories to the modern preferences of winning a song written in english.