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Helen Mirren Hated Alfred Hitchcock

On November 10, a second and extended trailer of Sacha Gervasi upcoming filming project “Hitchcock”. The cast is starred by Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren, Scarlett Johansson and Toni Collette, but on these actors had the chance to meet and actually hate ‘the Great Master of Horror.’

Helen Mirren plays Alma Reville in the 2013 film “Hitchcock.”

In 1972, Helen Mirren was a 27-years-old actress -now describing herself as arrogant and ignorant- who had the opportunity to participate on a casting for Hitchcock movie “Frenzy”. She stand in front of the director ready for the test shoot, then the director take a good look of the actress and whispered “She will be a nightmare” and dismissed the actress.

Nowadays, the actress gives her point of view. Mirren now remembers she didn’t want to the casting because all of the available roles were horrible. She guess that if the decision would have been entirely on Hitchcock hands she couldn’t have done even the test shoot.

According to Helen Mirren impression, the director could determine the actor he needed just by looking at it. The actress now concludes that in that time she wasn’t the actress for him, and he wasn’t the director for her.

Helen Mirren is ready for the premiere of “Hitchcock” where she portrays Alfred Hitchcock wife, Alma Reville, a key member to the production of “Psycho.”

Admission (2013): Tina Fey Latest Project

Director Paul Weitz -the same who directed ‘American Pie’ and ‘Little Fockers’, well the last one is not as good as the first one- presents his recent project along side Tina Fey ,Paul Rudd and Michael Sheen, called ‘Admission’.

Tina Fey plays Admission officer, Portia Nathan in ‘Admission.’

This is the story about an admission officer named Portia Nathan (Tina Fey) in Princeton University, balancing her life while evaluating thousands of applications and managing her personal life, until a phone call from a New Hampshire High School founder named John Hasley (Paul Rudd) with whom she supposed to have attended college, reminds her about a son she gave for adoption.

The kid is now one of John’s students, a misfit gifted boy whose career path is about to take place. Portia with her memories, feelings and regrets turning her decision will have to do with her choice to move influences fir securing her son’s academic future.

The movie will premiere in March 8, 2013.


Alfred Hitchcock (2012) New Trailer

Every good movie needs a very majestic trailer. It is through trailers that the audience can touch a bit of the essence of the film, is through trailers people get attached to something they have not even seen. The production of the biographical film “Hitchcock” has just released a new and extended trailer presenting moments never seen before and never expected to be on the film.

Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh in ‘Hitchcock’ (2012)

Psycho (1960) became a movie that englobes synergy. The combination of every detail made it a masterpiece. The 20 minutes death, the cross dresser killer, the mother’s voice, the soundtrack, the shower scene, the peeking from the wall scene, the stuffed animals, everything made it genius.

James D’Arcy as Anthony Perkins on ‘Hitchcock’ (2012)

Watching the trailer, and discovering how every detail of that masterpiece was chosen gets me in the very center of my admiration. Facts like Hitchcock wife decision of killing Janet Leigh at the very first 30 minutes, her influences in Anthony Perkins casting, watching the amazing resembles between actor James Darcy and Anthony Perkins brought me back to Bates Motel registration scene. Trailers also presents us a little bit of a five star cast. Watching Scarlett Johansson ask about the shower scene and the nudity, made me believes the engagement of original actress Janet Leigh on a promising and independent film.

The performance of Toni Collette as film employee Peggy when Hitchcock is telling the background of Norman Bates character, is just amazing.

This is a movie that I definitely am going to watch at least twice.


A Good Day to Die Hard New Trailer


Scene from “A Good Day to Die Hard”

A new trailer presents John McClane (Obviously Bruce Willis), on his trip to Russia in order to help his son, Jack (Jai Courtney, remembered for his role in the first season of Starz original series Spartacus) only to discover that Jack is really a CIA agent looking to unveil a nuclear-weapons heist.

There will be many many many actions scenes, it’s Russia so actions scenes will have a lot of soviet tanks. Here is the new trailer.

Is “A Haunted House” the New “Scary Movie” ?

Marlon Wayans is back! From the genius family that came up with the original idea for “Scary Movie”, a new horror parody project is emerging. I’m talking about “A Haunted House” from writer Marlon Wayans, A.K.A Shorty and Rick Alvarez. You may remember Shorty for his works in Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2, and Marlon for his role as a rich blonde girl in “White Chicks”. Wayans also participate on an independent but heavily awarded and acclaimed movie called “Requiem for a Dream” next to 30 seconds to Mars leading voice, Jared Leto and always remembered Reagan Mcnail mother, Ellen Burstyn.

Scene from the movie “A Haunted House” (2013)

“A Haunted House” presents a “Paranormal Activity” parody that will be shown up on movies in 2013. It has almost passed 12 years since the latest “Scary Movie” film where the Wayans brothers participate. If you take a good look you can trace the all different paths all the “Scary Movie” crew members have taken.

Starting with “Scary Movie”, this was an instant hit, the humour presented and the innovation of idea, seen only in major parodies such as Hot Shots, Airplanes or The Naked Gun, but all the mentioned made parody of blockbusters film projects, never a group of horror movies became so important, What would have been of the 2000′s horror movies without Scary Movie and viceversa. The introducing performance of a young but amazingly funny Anna Faris,a hilarious Regina Hall and the character development made by the Wayans Brothers that they obviously had learned on “In Living Color”.

Scene from the movie “A Haunted House” (2013)

“Scary Movie 2″ was on the same humour line as the first one with an old new touch. What’s this suppose to mean? This sequel parodied diverse scenes from movie

s out from the horror market such as Titanic, Rocky, Alien Resurrection, Charlie’s Angels among others. This movie had a nice plot well accompanied with the opportunities for the parodies. Very good actors except for Tori Spelling and very well characters except for Tori Spelling. This was the last movie with director Keenan Ivory Wayans and actors Marlon and Shawn Mayans, meanwhile Anna Faris and Regina Hall returned to the next one.”Scary Movie 3″ changed his director for The Naked Gun producer David Zucker, and I just have to tell you, I loved this movie. I think I watched it  about 49 times. The movies parodied were the hot movies at that time, such as like The Ring, Signs, The Others, 8 mile and The Matrix. Even though they were with a new director, they could maintain, update and uprise a humour bar. This is movie is all about every second humour, every expression, every Anna Faris face, every Regina Hall line is amazing. But lets talk about Charlie Sheen comeback to parodies, he was amazing in “Hot Shots” I and II, in this case he plays Mel Gibson role in Signs, he is  the sex addicted loser, just incredible.

Scene from the movie “A Haunted House”

In “Scary Movie 4″ we could understand whats makes a good parody, this is because the fourth movie was not as good as the other three. This one had amazing movies to play with, like Saw, The Grudge, The Village, War of the Worlds, but the kept on the basic comedy, the sex jokes, the violent comedy and the stereotypes. This system was used again in parodies like Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, SuperHero Movie, Date Movie, where you could go to theaters, watch those films and say “Damn this thing is cheap”.For “Scary Movie 5″ there is no more Anna Faris, but there is the curiosity for watching drugs, sex and bail time friendly celebs, Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan sharing a sex scene. Regina Hall will still be in the movie.

Despite, the upcoming David Zucker project with Lohan and Sheen, “A Haunted House” looks like great competition.  It is true that the Wayans Brothers have produced not so great movies like “Little Man” and “Dance Movie” but they still filmed “White Chicks” which in my opinion was terrific. Just for being a parody and is the Wayans Brothers, I’m gonna watch it.


“Sin Otoño Sin primavera” review


Ecuadorian cinema, has been forgotten, underrated, but with so much potential on it’s hands, and this movie it’s a proof of that potential.

I’m an Ecuadorian art enthusiast, so I will enjoy doing this review. The Ecuadorian film didn’t shock me nor it disappointed me. This is the first film of Ivan Mora, won’t be his best.

The movie develops with an anarquist-theme of the middle-class teens in GYE (Guayaquil-Ecuador). The plot is not very good (mixing all the stories they had in a chronologic ravel), but maybe the objective was just that, not having essentially anything new to tell.

SOSP is a movie made to sell (not that there’s anything wrong with that), it is a very good production but not even remotely a very deep story. It has a really fast pace and misses a lot of information, until it ends on a “happy ever after.” In conclusion it will not let you down, on a Sunday evening with nothing to do.

Lindsay Lohan doesn’t need a boyfriend!!

It has been 2 days since Lindsay Lohan last tweet. In the past weeks, Lindsay has been accused of hiting a man with her car, passing out, agression allegations, but lets get serious, she can be charged with triple murder and leaving the crime scene, and there still gonna be hundreds of directors calling her for new movies. She can have the worst PR or agent for some things are indisputables, her talent. Well something, she is not gonna be heard lately, is for her relationships, in her latest tweet, Lindsay stated that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, instead she has diamonds, chanel and hermes. Love you Lindsay, you rule.