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IRS has Seized Lindsay Lohan’s Bank Accounts

Definitely, 2012 has been and hasn’t been the year for Lindsay Lohan, with the comebacks, the three films projects, the Playboy Edition, the car accidents, the court calls and the bar fights. Lindsay has had a years of many ups and downs.

IRS: Internal Revenue Service

After the huge scandal occasioned by getting involved in a bar fight in New York City, actress Lindsay Lohan has new problems on her mail, apparently the IRS has decided to seized her bank accounts due to tax debt.

According to sources, “The Canyons” actress had a debt with the Internal Revenue Service for about $233.904 for the periods of 2009 to 2011. Her manager has spoken about it and declared the actress had no information or warning advice about the freezing of the accounts. Nevertheless, Lindsay Lohan will take measures to be updated with her tax obligations.

The actress hasn’t given any statements about the subject. Lindsay Lohan will end this year with assaults accusations and her bank accounts unable to work.

Lindsay Lohan Arrested after New York Fight

Even though Lindsay Lohan keep trying to put her career back on track, the track doesn’t want to. Actress Lindsay Lohan has been arrested at 4 AM after getting involved in a bar fight with another on New York City.

Lindsay Lohan Arrested after Bar Fight.

Lohan has a crime and rehab record getting longer and longer since 2007. In this blog, we have written all all about her rehab time, her jail time, her court statements, her relationships and all of the allegations presented agains her; and her new filming projects, obviously.

According to source who witnessed the incident, Lindsay was out clubbing with some friends in the Club Avenue on New York City; some minutes later, she started having a few words with another woman asking her to give her some space, around the 4 am, allegedly Lindsay threw the first punch against the woman and then leave the crime scene on a friend’s car as a passenger.

The cops arrived at the leaving time, to stop the car and take Lindsay into custody. People are waiting to see what charges are gonna pressed on how this would affect Lohan probation time. The actress was on probation since June because of lying to the California Police about a car crash, where she said she was a passenger meanwhile witnesses claimed that the she was the one driving.

HIT AND RUN: @LindsayLohan arrested in NYC

After a sex scene with Charlie Sheen for upcoming Scary Movie 5, the actress still tops the headlines, now for hitting a pedestrian with her Porche and leaving the scene.

According to police spokesperson, “She was driving in this freight area. She’s hitting her horn because there’s a lot of people in the area. The crowd moves but she kind of brushes against this one guy. He runs up to her, tells her she hit him.”
Lindsay was arrested at 2:30Am and booked on a misdemeanor charge of leaving the scene of an accident. She was released but must to return for a hearing.