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La Toya Jackson: “My Father is Doing Extremely Well”

There haven’t been that much news related to Joe Jackson condition after the mild stroke he had on Thursday morning. Yesterday her daughter Latoya Jackson tweeted about her father medical condition and thanked the good will messages.

La Toya Jackson

It was Thursday morning, November 29, the press presented the news that the father of the Jackson Family was being taken to a hospital in Las Vegas after having a stroke.

Everybody on the social networks started to remember that June 25, 2009 when the news that The King of Pop was dying shocked the world.

Even though there were several rumors about the Jackson family crisis, Michael legacy still lives in his children, his family and his fans.

Joe Jackson was supposed to be discharged from the hospital on November 30, unfortunately he had to stay a bit longer. His daughter and former singer, La Toya Jackson sent a message via Twitter to all of the concerned fans.

“Just spoke to my father and he is doing extremely well! So proud of his strength in recovery! He thanks you all for the Well Wishes & Prayers! “ @LatoyaJackson