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Hugh Hefner Married his Runaway Bride

The second’s time’ s the charm. Finally, the most awkward and unreliable couple of 2012 tie the knot. Playboy Founder, Hugh Hefner married his Playmate girlfriend, Crystal Harris after the bride call off the wedding days before the big ceremony in 2011.

Hugh Hefner and Kimberley Conrad Wedding picture (1989).

Hefner with 86 years and Harris with 26 surprised everybody this year when announcing their reconciliation after Harris run off the aisle. In her own words, she needed to learn more about living on her own.

Even though all of the love, the Playboy Playmate has been posting through her twitter account, this has become a confusing love story.

The ceremony took place privately in the Playboy Mansion on New Year’s Eve. The bride wore a strapless gown in soft pink, meanwhile the groom wore a black tux. The celebrity guests included comic Jon Lovitz, KISS member Gene Simmons and baseball star Evan Longoria.

Hefner has been married in two occasions.

First with Mildred Williams, from 1949 to 1959, Williams was his support for the success of the magazine. Hefner had two children with Williams, Christie and David. Christie Hefner is currently the CEO of Playboy Enterprises.

On the second occasion, Hefner married Playmate Kimberley Conrad in 1989. He was 63 and she was 25. He had two sons with Conrad: Marston and Cooper. Hefner divorced Conrad in 1998.

‘Scary Movie 5′ Analysis and ‘Trailer’

It has been nine years since the premiere of ‘Scary Movie 3′ one I truly consider the best parody movie ever made. I may have watched the movie like 48 times. The combined mock of the thrillers: ‘The Ring’, ‘Signs’ and ‘The Others’ resulted on a news story hilarious to explain. In the following lines with my experience through the parody market, I will analyse and stated what to expect with ‘Scary Movie 5′.

By the beginning of the new millenium, the world was being terrified while some others getting used to Wes Craven Scream Saga. Was specifically in 2000 where the Wayans Brothers presented their own funny version of Scream making everybody losing the fear and gaining respect for parodies. The Wayans Brothers controlled the writing and directing in the first two movies, on the third one Pat Proft and David Zucker entered the project as writer and director resulting with a third movie with better critics than latter.

Scary Movie 5 scene.

On the fourth movie, all the main cast contained by actresses Anna Faris, Leslie Nielsen, Charlie Sheen and Regina Hall stay next to director David Zucker and writer Pat Proft, but the result wasn’t the same, it was good but not great. The jokes level kept quite basic with parody material such as ‘Saw’ and ‘War of the Worlds’. It wasn’t you would ask your ticket money back but it wasn’t like the others.

Why am I doing this analysis?

Because I don’t have many faith in ‘Scary Movie 5′. I am presuming the Scary Movie 5 will follow the track of big comedy fails such as ‘Epic Movie’, ‘Disaster Movie’ and ‘Superhero movie’ and the 3-star cast the production is gathering around is a smokescreen of a future failure.

It is supposed for you as a director and producer to present your best cards on the trailer. On the ‘Scary Movie 3′ trailer you could watch Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy cameo; The Ring, Signs, The Others and 8 mile shot jokes; Charlie Sheen comeback to comedy, Leslie Nielsen return and Simon Cowell collaboration. On the other hand, on the ‘Scary Movie 5′ trailer you can watch ‘Paranormal Activity‘, ‘Black Swan’ and ‘Inception’ references and Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen cameo, and that was the two aspects you can consider as interesting from the trailer.

What happened?

Apparently, David Zucker was moved to writer along side Pat Proft meanwhile not funny ‘Undercover Brother’ director Malcolm D. Lee was hired for running the new project. It was also a bad sign that the two actress has been from the beginning with the ‘Scary Movie’ franchise, Anna Faris and Regina Hall decided not to participate in the fifth movie. Instead, the new director is determined to cast as many named B-actors he could. (Kendra Wilkinson, Mike Tyson, Heather Locklear, Kate Walsh, Ashley Tisdale, Jerry O’ Connel, Molly Shannon, Simon Rex and Audrina Patridge)

A New Competitor?

In 2013 the Wayans Brothers will return to the parody market, and coincidentally a ‘Paranormal Activity’ parody but with actors who has a wide experience on the parody business. I honestly believe Wayans Brothers ‘A Haunted House’ will beat ‘Scary Movie 5′. I want to be wrong because a result like that would mean the end of the Scary Movie Saga.


Hugh Hefner Engaged to Crystal Harris Again

According to latest news reports, Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner, the couple who called off their engagement five days before the Big Day have decided to try marriage one more time. The ceremony is scheduled to take place on New Year’s Eve.

Crystal Harris – Playboy June 2011 – “Runaway Bride”

Independence was the main reason Crystal Harris decided to run off from the aisle in June 2011. Harrys thought she needed to learn more about living on her own, and about a year and a half, according to the model, she has achieved it.

As a fun fact, for the July 2011 cover of Playboy magazine supposed to be released with the title “Mrs Crystal Hefner” instead it was printed with sticker “Runaway Bride.”

The ceremony prepared for this New Year’s Eve will be a small one, taking consideration that last year ceremony was organized for 300 people. Confusion surrounded everybody’s heads regarding a topic nobody believes.

First, Crystal Harris saying to Ryan Seacrest that she needed a time for herself and that with Hugh Hefner is everything ok. Then, Playboy founder expressing the confusion he felt towards Harris decision.

Finally, Crystal Harris auctioning her engagement ring for a 60% of the original price. If this was “ending the things in the right way” the term “right” must be audited.

The former Playboy model and future Mrs. Crystal Hefner tweeted this message on the social network.

Crystal Harris Tweet.

Apparently they will be receiving the holidays together. We expect just the two of them. According to news reports the swarm of Playboy models swimming in the pool and chilling out in the Playboy Mansion was also one of the subjects that make Crystal Harris called off the wedding.