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Do You Really Need to Move Your Office?

Author: Izzy Smith

Moving is not easy. It involves many time consuming processes including packing, loading and then of course actually transporting your items. No one actually wants to go through the process because it is such a hard, stressful, lengthy process.

It is therefore advised that you only move if you have to. If you are contemplating moving but just are not sure as to whether you should do it or not, then this article is for you! It should guide you in the right direction and help you decide whether you should in fact move.

If you area business man or woman, you may have an office. Now office removals are by far the trickiest to deal with since there are so many technical things to take care of. So office removals need to be done for the right reasons.
Move your office_1
One of the most acceptable and biggest reasons to move an office is if you are planning on expanding your business. A bigger business will mean that you will need to hire more employees. These employees then need room to work. This is why you will end up needing a larger office space.

Another reason would be due to circumstances. Sometimes, no matter how perfect the current office space is, you have no choice but to leave. Circumstances would include the end of a lease without the option to renew. This is often one of the main reasons as to why people move office. If you are in this position, always ensure that you start office space hunting way before your lease ends. Remember, planning and preparation will make your move go smoothly.

If you are moving homes you may find that you will also have to move your office. This is especially true if you are moving to a new city which is far away from your office. Remember, do not jump into moving offices if you can commute to and from work. You need to figure out what a reasonable commuting distance or time is. Many people decide that travelling an hour each way is acceptable. When you decide on your reasonable commuting time and distance, make sure that you are realistic and practical.

Sometimes you may find your business expanding so greatly that it involves having to move abroad. You can either open another office abroad or keep your current office. Or you can move your current office abroad. The choice is yours and may of course be influenced by other factors such as finance, staff etc.
Move your office_2
Since office removals are so tricky and time consuming, it is always advised that you do not it alone. There are many office removal companies out there offering the service that you desire and require. Comparing quotes will help you save a few pennies here and there, which is always a pleasant bonus. On certain removal company websites you may also find numerous testimonials where you will be able to see how the company performed at other removals. This is a great way of making sure that you are hiring a service that is highly specialised and great at what they do.

When moving offices, always ensure that you plan and prepare. It may seem boring and pointless, but it will be worth your while. Allow yourself plenty of time to go through the office removal. Rushing around will always mean that you forget something and remember it at the last minute. With plenty of planning and preparing, your office move will go smoothly and leave you feeling more relaxed.
Written for Move to France and SE16 relocation and moving

How To Move With Pets

Author: Izzy Smith

We now have an endless choice when it comes to choosing pets. We are no longer obliged to choose between dogs, cats and fish. We can be as creative and exotic as we like. We have the option to keep lizards, snakes and even sharks! But no matter what pet we decide to keep, we end up cherishing and loving it greatly over a period of time. Eventually, our pets become a part of the family. It is this love and affection that makes it impossible to leave pets behind when moving.

However, moving with pets can be very tricky and complicated. Moving with pets is very similar to moving with children. Both require a lot of attention and can make moving very hard.

Pets that can be kept in tanks and cages such as rabbits, fish etc. are not a problem at all since they always remain in their tanks and cages and cannot come in the way. All you need to do is ensure that food and water containers are filled on the removal day. Since you will be busy during the removal day, you will not have the time to regularly fill up the food and water containers, so doing it first thing is going to mean that you do not have to do it throughout the day.

Animals that are not usually kept in cages or tanks are more difficult to handle and deal with. These include cats and dogs. Dogs are nosey animals that love to investigate and poke their noses everywhere. So on your removal day, your dog will be investigating every little corner. You may find that a simple task such as removing boxes from your room becomes a difficult task, with your dog constantly coming in the way or running behind you.

You may find that your cat also becomes very clingy during removal day. Pets such as cats and dogs can easily sense when something is happening.
So what do you do to make moving easier?

Firstly, you can choose to leave your pet with a neighbour or a friend who your pet is familiar with. This will leave your pet feeling comfortable and secure in the presence of someone it knows, and will also get your pet out of your way.

If you have nowhere to leave your pet, you have a few more options. You can keep your pets in a room or the garden until you have done whatever it is that you needed to do. Ensure that food and water bowls, favourite toys, beds, litters etc. are kept in the same room as the pet so that they have everything that they need with them.
Pets such as cats and dogs do not like change, meaning that they will not be very happy about moving to a new home. It is therefore recommended that you always keep a favourite cushion, toy or bed with the pet at all times. The familiar smell will provide your pet with a sense of security and will make it feel more at ease.
Your last option is to hire a pet remover. Pet removers will gladly take your pet and keep it for a while until you are ready to move. Once again, ensure that your pet has a favourite toy or blanket with it to feel safe and secure.

There are many ways in which you can keep your pet out of your way during removal day. Just find the best one for you and you’re good to go!
Written for Moving to Brixtonand NW3 moving and relocation

Make a Container Garden and Deal with the Lack of Space

Author: Izzy Smith.

There are always several ways to deal with a problem. In the real life we get proofs for this every day. When you really want to make something you will find your way to do it even if the circumstances are not on your side.

The situation with the making of a garden in a place with less space is the same. People who are keen on flowers and have the strong desire to grown their own at home are not always people with mansions with huge gardens at the back yard and whole forest in the surrounding. Sometimes no matter how long you wait you will not get the house with the garden you have dreamed of but there are still good chances to have beautiful garden in the space you have available for the moment. This can be done with planting a container garden and if you have enough patience and passion you can make it the most favorite place at home.

There are some simple tips that if followed will guarantee you good results with the container garden. To start with the first one it is strongly recommended to begin with planting of the flowers you are going to grow in your garden. This is the most essential part and if you make good roots for your plants you will always have strong healthy flowers that will blossom and bring joy to your eyes. The best mixture for this type of planting is the half peat moss and one half of perlite and vermicumite mixed each with half part of the half or a quarter of all the quantity you are going to put in the pot. Supply a drainage whole for every container which does not have one. Make sure you are pouring enough water each day in the beginning of the growth of the flower. Do not go too much with the fertilizing. It is enough to do it once in two weeks.

Pay attention to the details so you will enjoy the results of your work at the end. Pick the colors of the containers and match them with the façade of the building or the room you are planning to put them in. Do not underestimate this part of the process and be careful with the shapes of the containers. You can gain even more space when you pick different kinds of plants. For example do not get only ones that love sun, go with some that can grow in shade as well. Thus you will have more space to put your flowers.

Sort the pots in height and arrange them on your stairs. The shortest should be below. Form a green path to your entrance door and give dramatic look to your facade. You can also use climbing flowers in case you have pillars or columns in the architecture of the place you live in. You do not necessarily have to put limits in the number of flowers or the kinds of flowers you are going to grow. Variety creates beauty.

Exotic flowers may not be usual for some places in the world but they surely create special atmosphere and look. They are very good option for homes with pastel colors on the walls and the façade. They will be very interesting and will fill the vertical dimension of the place. Use contrasts as you put plain flowers in fancy pots and incredible ones in simple containers.

As you have different kinds of flowers you have to be very careful and know exactly when to water them and how often to do it. Keep notes of you need to or otherwise when a flower dies it will spoil the balance you have already created in your container garden. Written for EC3 man and van and West Thurrock removals firm

Moving Tips and Removalists Trade Secrets

Author: Ivy Delfin

My worst moving day experience- and I’m no babe in the woods, I’ve had a few- involved maneuvering my own cumbersome kitchen table through the front door as my two hapless hired removalists looked on disinterestedly, after declaring the table quite immovable. No, I protested, that can’t be- it got in through the front door, it will go back out the front door. It’s not Kirstie Alley. It didn’t put on any weight between moving in and moving back out. They shrugged in a ‘whaddaya gonna do?’ kind of way, and I found myself wrangling (successfully, I might add) the stupid looking thing all by myself. That’ll be 400 bucks, thanks- and don’t bother looking for your CD’s when you’re setting up the new place. We are going to lose them.

This is the kind of nightmare scenario one can avoid by doing a little research before booking a removalist company. Alex Anasis has heard all the horror stories, and happily, offers a far more efficient, professional service.

No matter how great your removalists prove, keeping costs and stress down can be achieved with a little legwork on your behalf prior to moving day. The best thing you can do is get everything properly boxed- before the removalists arrive. Disassemble all furniture, bubble wrap the delicates, empty the fridge. Avoid anything other than professional moving boxes. They’re designed to hold a lot and withstand the demands of moving. Unlike the boxes you pick up at the supermarket, they’re not going to buckle and collapse from a heavier load. They’re also far easier to pack, and ultimately reduce the overall number of boxes you’ll need to use.

If you’d like a few more moving tips, visit www.alexanasis.com.au

Cleaning Your Kitchen Before Springbreak

Author: Izzy Smith.

Kitchen is a premise that we should keep cleaning and cleaning everyday and yet it will not be the most shining and splendid room at home. The thing is that the dirtiest job is done right here, in the kitchen, and there is no way for any housekeeper to maintain it white and cozy enough to serve the role of a living room for instance.

On the other hand, housekeeper can be noticed and solved by her own kitchen, because here is the place, where she puts all her magic and tricks that fascinate her husband, her family, and her guests.

A good housekeep keeps her kitchen clean and decorated in a contemporary style that is sweet and individual enough to satisfy her own tastes and preferences. On the other hand, a good housekeeper will never leave some disgusting mess in the kitchen and if she has really little time for home cleaning, kitchen is the room that is cleaned and washed almost every day. Last, but not least, a good housekeeper will start her home spring cleaning process with the kitchen by polishing and refreshing it. Here are some really nice ideas and tips for the spring season, when home cleaning is a priority for housewives and the kitchen needs to be turned out right away.

First of all, make a good refreshment plan for your lovely kitchen. Make sure all the cleaning will be done by starting from the top to the bottom. Spring is the time, when no excuses to leave the tiniest corners dirty can be accepted. Be motivated and ready to destroy all the microbes and to eliminate every single mote from your kitchen. The mission of your plan is to refresh and clean your kitchen in a way you will not recognize it in the end. / Carpet Cleaning DA2 /

The next idea for your spring cleaning we would like to give is to make sure that your kitchen will really look refreshed. Removing all the stains and fatty spots with some baking soda is definitely not enough. Bring in a piece of your personal imagination and create some really nice and new atmosphere in the kitchen. For instance, you can add some aromatic oils in your detergents. Furthermore, you can polish all the ceramic, porcelain, and glass sets and then decorate them with some paper serviettes or some artificial flowers. Pendants and new set of vases can be added to the kitchen table. Make sure, the cloth has passed the laundry tests and no holes are left after patching up its pieces.

Bad odors may be easily removed if you place some aromatic gadgets right next to the basket, the refrigerator, and the oven. Choose some thematic fragrances such as vanilla, chocolate, or caramel. Use some bleach into your mixture for electronic gadgets cleaning and make sure that even the least stain is removed. Use healthy and antibacterial products the dishes in order to protect your family from diseases and infections. Change the towels next to the sink and beat the decorative rug. The tiles on the floor can be perfectly cleaned with some homemade detergents with baking soda and vinegar.

Do not forget to put some essential oil in this mixture, too. Finally, ventilate the premise by leaving the windows opened for a couple of hours.

Welcome, to your new clean and refreshed kitchen! Twickenham cleaning expert

Moving Out: Hiring a Man And a Van

Author: Izzy Smith.

It’s very likely that at some stage in your life, you’ve experienced a situation in which moving home, undertaking a thorough de-cluttering or transporting un-wanted possessions to the tip or charity-shop has been a nightmare. Clearing out the shed or organizing your own home-move may have seemed completely manageable at the time, but may have resulted in body-aches, irritation and tense moments with loved ones! So whilst doing things independently may have seemed an attractive option at the time, it is possible that you may not wish to repeat the experience.

Therefore, an affordable and less stressful alternative could be employing the services of professionals, which will allow you to achieve your move or clear-out in a manner that is faster, more efficient and safer. Whilst many of us may assume that lifting a heavy object and loading it into a vehicle merely involves equal measures of strength, determination and stamina, it is important to assume certain body-movements and postures in order to avoid body-strain, and a trained professional will be able to do this. This can lead to the avoidance of minor injuries to yourself and damage inflicted to valuable and much-loved possessions. It’s also likely that as you attempt to carry that heavy bed, wardrobe or chest of drawers, etc., you are not covered by insurance, and if accidents happen, as they have an annoying persistence of doing so, you’ll find yourself in a spot of bother. Fortunately, the majority of professionals who work for man and van companies will be insured, so that’s another thing you won’t have to worry about.

Whilst you may have spent hours trying to get an awkward shaped piece of furniture out of the house in the past, a professional mover will be able to do it in a much more methodical, practical and efficient manner-,as a result of the day-to-day experience they will have had.

However, before you decide to take the plunge and hire a professional, it’s wise to consider a few points, in order to ensure you are recruiting the best possible services. Firstly, you should find out their exact rates of pay, be it per hour, per day, per item and so-forth. Different man and van professionals often offer different packages and terms and conditions, and if you do a bit of research – you’re sure to find the package that’s right for you. Secondly, you should make them completely aware of what they will required to move, as underestimating a work-load can lead to extra charges that will not have anticipated. Work-load can also determine the amount of people you need to employ, and as some items cannot be lifted by one person alone, you will need to take this into account, if you do not wish to get involved in the work yourself. /Moving Firm Belsize Park /

If you’re paying by the hour, it’s also advisable to employ a professional who has a comprehensive knowledge of the area, so that goods can be transported from location to location without getting lost, without being driven down routes which are unsuitable for the vehicle used and other similar occurrences. If the professional is not familiar with the area, you should at least ensure that they have functioning GPS and SatNav equipment.

So whilst hiring the services of a man and van may seem like an extravagant luxury- particularly during this period of economic austerity, the benefits you will get from the service are multiple. You could save yourself time, stress, discomfort and have confidence in knowing whatever you want to be moved will be on time and in the condition in which it left your home! N2 Removal Company

Cleaning Your House Before A Removal

Author: Izzy Smith.

You would not expect to find yourself moving into a new flat or house which is dirty, so why would you want to leave your current home in a mess for someone else to clean? After you have finally gone through the distressing process that is packing, it is not only courteous to clean the place up, but it is also common sense. It is wise to clean after the packing is done. This way, you know that your biggest job is out of the way, and you do not have to worry about not being on track when the removers arrive.

When you are packing, keeping all cleaning appliances together will make it easier for you to find them when it is time to clean up. If you do not wish to unpack a particular box to retrieve your cleaning products, supermarkets and small convenience stores usually have miniature cleaning products, which you can purchase to get the job done.

A house should be cleaned from top to bottom. This means that you should be checking the ceilings, the walls and then the floors. If you are leaving any fixtures or furniture in the house, make sure to give it a once over too.

Holes left by drilling in order to hang up pictures, canvases and frames should be filled in. There are many simple to use, fast drying putties and fillers available which do not cost a lot. If you have time, a lick of paint on walls which are a little too stained is highly suggested. However, that is optional. If you use sticky tack instead of nails to hang up your pictures, ensure that no traces of the sticky tack remain on the wall. Sticky tack, more commonly known as blue tack can be easily removed by just rubbing a larger piece of tack over it.

Focus on removing any stains that there may be. Stains are common, especially if you have children. Children are known for spilling juices, food and other liquids that stain. Grownups with the love of tea, coffee or wine may have had their own staining experience. There are many stain removal products out there which are easy to use and are inexpensive e.g. Vanish stain remover. You may also have your own family remedies such as mixtures of baking soda and other components. If you cannot completely remove the stain, do not worry. Just focus on decreasing the intensity of the stain as much as possible.

Hoover all carpets/sweep all wooden floors. If the floors are made of real wood, giving them a polish will also be a good gesture, but this is optional. As long as the floors are clean, you have nothing to worry about. All surfaces should be wiped down with disinfectant. Any furniture which is going to stay in the house should also be wiped down. The shelves in a wardrobe, the inside of kitchen units and drawers need to be cleaned internally as well. Bromley van removals

Just because a certain place is not going to be your home anymore does not give you the right to keep someone else’s house unclean, untidy and uncared for. Although the house does not have to be immaculate, a certain level of cleanliness is desirable. Take out some time before the removers arrive to give the house a quick spring clean.

So whilst you are excited about moving into your new, clean home, someone else can be excited about moving into your old, clean home. N1 house moving