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Deadshot is Not Dead in Arrow

Last night TVGuide.com confirmed that Deadshot, portrayed by Michael Rowe, will indeed be back in Arrow Episode 16, titled “Dead To Rights“. The episode is penned by DC Comics vet Geoff Johns, which will place both fighters in a head-to-head once again.

Michael Rowe returns as Deadshot

Michael Rowe returns as Deadshot

The sharp-shooting assassin, whom Oliver (Stephen Amell) shot in the eye, more like in the device he used to measure distances, will return in the second half of Arrow’s first season.

As fans came to realize Deadshot apparently assassinated Diggle (David Ramsey) brother, based on the tattoo of his name on the killers body. This means that the DC Comics villain will be appearing in a future Arrow episode as well.

We see Diggle becoming very vulnerable and really dealing with feelings of revenge,” Ramsey told TVGuide.com. “He has a certain amount of guilt for his brother’s death. His revenge quest and avenging his brother’s death will play out. Some of those very things he’s warned Oliver about, Diggle will have to deal with.”

Arrow’s Deadshot was the second character to be introduced in the Arrowverse. Rowe’s character joins the rogue gallery of Ollie’s enemies. We have already seen the Royal Flush Gang, Firefly, soon we’ll see The Count (Vertigo), and the recurring anti-hero, The Huntress/ Helena Bertinelli portrayed by Jessica De Gouw and the Dark Archer, portrayed by John Barrowman.