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EMELEC got 20/20!!!

An electric night for Emelec, the soccer team destroyed Deportivo Quito with a score of 3-0 in the Capwell stadium. Luciano Figueroa and Marcos Mondaini make the Quito’s goalkeeper stretch and tremble, but the agility and definition of the Argentine players set, made and achieved. Deportivo Quito left Guayaquil with another lost and entered the danger zone of the B Series.

Guti retires: “I decided to quit football”

It’s official. José María Gutierrez “Guti” retires from football. The ex Real Madrid  Player has confirmed on Radio MARCA, that despite receiving offers in the last transfer market, not play. “The decision has been made. Deals arrived but I decided to leave. I’ll be more time with my family,”.

“I’m going to do a course of athletic director and coach. I approach to train the youth teams. I would train the Real Madrid youth team.”

Kobe Bryant Challenges Lionel Messi

The great player Kobe Bryant  from Los Angeles Lakers, said he would like to propose an exchange  to the Argentine striker Lionel Messi, who has great admiration. “I will propose that he comes to play with the Lakers one week while I go to play in Barça,” said NBA star.

Bryant is an advertisement with the company Turkish Airlines, a sponsor of FC Barcelona. The basketball player alongside Lio Messi will be the star of the spot, which for Kobe “is an honor.”

Bryant joked at a news conference to ensure that the score a goal with a basketball ball and Messi will score a basket with a soccer ball. Spot The contents will not be disclosed until December, when global issues