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Paz Vega Suffers for Unemployment in Spain

During an interview with Mexican newspaper “El Universal” Spanish actress Paz Vega has expressed her sadness towards the economic crisis Spain is living.

Spanish Actress Paz Vega

 You may remember her as the latin housekeeper on “Spanglish” starring Adam Sandler. Paz Vega is currently located in Mexico filming her second project with director Alfonso Pineda Ulloa.

“It is sad to realize that life can change you in a bit” With that line Vega began her interview about the economic deterioration in her country, and how this have affected the Spanish Film Industry.

“What Spain is living nowadays is something unprecedented, this has always been a happy country with so much light, and now that sparkle is starting to fade. The blame lies in something so profane as the money. Something terrible for Spanish Film industry. We don’t the chance anymore to work in our country.” Vega expressed.

However, the actress has been able to dodge the economic crisis and the unemployment  by participating on filming projects around the globe. Paz Vega has been acting in Mexico, USA, Italy and Tunisia.

Vega will share the big screen with Nicole Kidman in the biopic “Grace of Monaco” playing the role of the famous Greek Soprano, Maria Callas.

The Green New Deal

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