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Vogue Editor-in-Chief: US Ambassador

The name from Vogue Editor in Chief, Anna Wintour is surrounding for placing in charge of the US Embassy in France. She is being under consideration by reelect President Barack Obama for the designation of one of the biggest names in fashion journalism.

Anna Wintour: Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief.

When news this smooth-political-controversial appeared, we must split the story in three question: Who? Why? Really?


If you are not a devoted fashionista, Anna Wintour name may not bring you too much information, but she is a part of global culture you may haven’t noticed. Anna Wintour is the currentEditor-in-Chied of Vogue Magazine.In Journalism the charge of Editor-in-Chief is one of the highest ranges, is the executive responsible for the content of the posts to satisfy the editorial line of the journal.In the Fashion World, Vogue is the bible, is an upcoming trip to the new trends in fashion. It is also one of the magazines with more circulation around the globe.

Even though she has been taking care of Vogue US edition, Anna Wintour was born in London, England in 1949. Wintour took charge of Editor-in-Chief in 1988, when the magazine was starting to become boring for their readers, so someone needed to shake things up.

Meryl Streep character of Miranda Priestley in “The Devil Wears Prada” is supposed to be inspired in Anna Wintour.

For a better appreciation of Anna Wintour, I must tell you she was the inspiration for “The Incredibles” (2004) character Edna Mode, who was the fashion designer of the superheros. In 2003, one of Wintour former assistants published the best-selling novel “The Devil Wears Prada” later made into a successful film starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. In the film you can see the requirements Miranda Priestly assistants must live through, but in the book, there were more specific details, like making an assistant inspect a photographer garbage for a photos, he was suspicious of taking it from the private archive.


Even though, Anna Wintour has been a successful executive and a remarkable journalist, there is the interrogant, why President Obama chose a fashion expert for such a diplomatic charge.Sources have revealed that First Lady Michelle Obama is behind the Wintour pushing for Ambassador in France. The fact is that Wintour is the top fundraiser from Obama’s Campaign, so the charge is an award the White House is giving the Editor for her support during the past reelection campaign. I must include that Vogue Magazine has named Michelle Obama as one the best dressed women in the world. I’m not implying a dishonest plot, because First Lady Michelle Obama is best known for portraying a view of the american woman very reachable for any social status. I wanted to suggest that the First Lady and the Editor-in-Chief have kept kind of a friendship since 2009.

Anna Wintour at the White House Ceremony.


Already answering the why, many questions comes into my mind. Is Anna Wintour prepared for such a diplomatic position? Will she resign from Vogue?

Being an Ambassador of the United States means that you are chosen by the President himself, that you are his representative in that foreign country and the Ambassador must stay at least 3 years in charge. Just checking some US Ambassador resume, I found out that most of the diplomats started in the United States Foreign Service, that they must be involved in international trade and haan A+ in American History. Anna Wintour has the advantage for being a woman who has travelled around the globe looking for new trends, but will the balance between two jobs guarantied enough productivity for an era of economic crisis?


Anna Wintour is a huge fan of tennist Roger Federer. When he was playing the latest Grand Slam Roland Garros in Paris, France, Anna Wintour was spotted enjoying the match with Roger Federer’s family.

How much did Celebrity Endorsement influenced USA Elections?

Days ago, when election path was getting shorter, movies and music stars started promoting their endorsement towards USA candidates. But reviewing all this information make you wonder if their endorsement is accompanied with political, economical and social knowledge. I mean the question, They did it because of the identity with candidates ideologies or just because it was a good marketing?

Katy Perry Congratulations tweet

According to my personal opinion, Hollywood is divided in employees for art, for a message to their viewers; and in double faced puppets with enough memory for a script or two, controlled by marketing experts with “SALE” tattoos on their necks. It is easy to discover which ones belong to the first group. Nowadays we can say, “tell me what you tweet and I tell you who you are” well for the people who is looking for the “real deal” in life, twitter is another social media used to expressed their feelings, ideas or just to write about their day life, but not for posting photos of their latest clothing line, or how slim she is looking now in the pair of napkins she is calling a bikini.

Endorsement has been alive for many years, is like having the best man in your wedding, somebody that knows you so well that can talk in your name. The difference is that we know that the best man is not payed for been there or cannot get any in return for his service, only the strengthen of the friendship, on the other hand politic spokesman intentions can’t be prove, there is a space for reasonable doubt that can be fulfill by a true ideology or a true paycheck.

Justin Bieber Congratulations Tweet (Even though he is canadian)

The weird thing about the endorsement in USA Elections, is that by using social media as market trend setter I can fill that the support was most of all concentrated on the Democratic side. Is perfectly understandable that speeches such as Inmigration, Same Sex Marriage, Abortion or Marihuana Legalization makes a conscience difference with the support of one party and the punishment of the other. I think in case of the topics mentioned every person with 21 grams of common sense can talk, debate and agree on something, but what about Economy or Defense, or Israel relations, and what about War on terrorism or Climate Change. Did very important topics were forgot on social media just because people is not quite prepared? And what about the celebrity promoters what can they say about that?

Am I being too harsh stating that everyone who is going to be a public endorser must be acknowledged with all the topics related to his candidate? Is like saying “Ok Lady Gaga marriage equality is awesome, all the support from our side, but what about the economy? what are Obama promises for the 28 million of americans without a job?”

Honestly, I didn’t understand Rihanna tweet

Why the flow of this post is going towards Obama? Because he is the big fish right now, always the ruling candidate has the winning hand, except in those cases where the government was so bad, the ruler didn’t even blink about thinking in reelection, isn’t that right G.B. According to the social media world, I can see Obama as The Lion King and Republicans as the hyenas ruled by Scar. I am not referring in moral or ethic ways, but in supporters quantity. For example, the other day, latin rapper Pitbull expressed his support for Obama and made a call for the latin community in his support. That was the headline on the news, “Pitbull supports Obama“, on the other hand, “Clueless” actress, Stacey Dash, a surprising republican tweet a message in support for Mitt Romney. The next day headlines were “Twitter explodes after black actress endorses Romney as the ‘only choice for your future‘”. The news didn’t care if she support the Republican Party, the news were about the attacks via Twitter.

Pitbull Support Tweet for Barack Obama

Actress Stacey Dash

Freedom Speech must be the couple of words must be pronounced on a communicational political debate. United States has proclaimed itself as the “Land of Freedom Speech” well there is perfect evidence for that title, in the early 70s a couple of Washington Post reporters presented the essay that President Richard Nixon was directly involved in Watergate Scandal, even though they were not parading their ideas on the street, they had the freedom to expose it and later the truth came out and Nixon had to resign.

At the end of all, everything is freedom speech, Pitbull saying “Vote for Obama” and Stacey Dash saying “Vote for Romney” it is sad that is just in the latter case attacks has been received, but attacks or mean opinions are also based in the freedom speech, but don’t forget that the edge of my right ends with the rights of my neighbor. People must take responsibilities from freedom, saying what I want to say, earning the consequences and obeying the rules of the field; if you are a zebra speaking up in a valley full of lions you must speak louder to be heard or just to state your point and respect the lion just for been another living creature.

Answering the question “How much did Celebrity Endorsement influence USA Elections?” I respond “Very Much“. By having a savannah full of lions and having well known felines and popular cheetahs for endorsing the ruling king, it was quite easy to gain majority vote. If you ask me, celebrity endorsement convinced voters? I would say “No” Not convinced but influence indeed.

Montgomery Burns endorses Mitt Romney

4 days left to make sure your vote for the next President of the United States of America.

Mr. Burns will endorse Mitt Romney

According to latest report, celebrities, actors, singers and well known politicians are publishing and promoting their 2012 usa vote decision. The 80% of the categories named are going for Obama, and it was about time the acclaimed, celebrated and illustrious businessman, Montgomery Burns presented his support to Republican Candidate, Mitt Romney.

Burns has been called the Warren Buffet of Transilvania, his resume contains being the CEO of Springfield Nuclear Plant (which has subsidiaries in India), he has invested in the Medical Market, making transatlantic deals with Russia, Iran and Turkey for ammo, created the media monopoly of Burns Media and his own group of Casinos.

LGBT Americans for Obama

“Every single american deserves to be treated in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of our society” Barack Obama. Forget the “Don’t ask Don’t tell”  Obama is preaching “We are one”.  Even though military reforms can be seen as a political and financial decision, Barack Obama has become the first president with the beliefs and the communication platform to promote the message that “Equality is for all”. Now is the time for many known names from American TV, Music, Sports to pay their respects to President Obama. Names like: Jane Lynch, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Billy Jean King, George Takei, Chaz Bono, Wanda Sykes and Zachary Quinto. They are saying “Thank You” for marriage equality,  for “Don’t ask Don’t tell” repeal, benefits for same sex partners, it gets better campaing.