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Why Rihanna didn’t visit Oscar with Chris Brown?

Author:  Jayanta Khan

EXCLUSIVE news for you! Rihanna shunned her part with Chris at the Oscar bash since she and her girlfriends were celebrating Rihanna’s birthday party.

According to the exclusive report of HollywoodLife.com, Rihanna, still now, continues to celebrate her 25th birthday. Instead of accompanying Chris Brown to 21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party on 24th February, went to hang out with all her close friends.

A close source of Unapologetic says to HollywoodLife.com, “She’s with her girls enjoying her birthday. For her, the party ain’t ending and why should it.”

Although Chris and Rihanna are a very good couple, she took the back seat from the celebration with Chris following the Oscars. On February 20, Rihanna turned 25 and celebrated her birthday with Chris (23 years old) in Hawaii. The star couple was seen enjoying each other’s company walking down the beach holding their hands. They also had fun in jet skiing.

Rihanna Shares Her Birthday Pictures with Chris on the Instagram     

On her Instagram, Rihanna shared the entertainment moments she had on her birthday by posting numerous photos. The pictures showed how the couple smiled and cuddled together. It seems that this bright couple had a lot of fun during Rihanna’s birthday!

The source further added, “She’s got her life. Chris got his life, and it was all good. Life is perfect for them, they’re both just in control of they’re relationship and careers and it’s a beautiful and positive thing.”

Chris and Rihanna is a perfect couple! It is apparent from their relation that Chris thoroughly enjoys the company of Rihanna. He is very happy when he is with her! Again, it is said that Rihanna loves her beloved twice as much as he does.

Now, the question is – when will Rihanna finally stop celebrating her 25th birthday?

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IRS has Seized Lindsay Lohan’s Bank Accounts

Definitely, 2012 has been and hasn’t been the year for Lindsay Lohan, with the comebacks, the three films projects, the Playboy Edition, the car accidents, the court calls and the bar fights. Lindsay has had a years of many ups and downs.

IRS: Internal Revenue Service

After the huge scandal occasioned by getting involved in a bar fight in New York City, actress Lindsay Lohan has new problems on her mail, apparently the IRS has decided to seized her bank accounts due to tax debt.

According to sources, “The Canyons” actress had a debt with the Internal Revenue Service for about $233.904 for the periods of 2009 to 2011. Her manager has spoken about it and declared the actress had no information or warning advice about the freezing of the accounts. Nevertheless, Lindsay Lohan will take measures to be updated with her tax obligations.

The actress hasn’t given any statements about the subject. Lindsay Lohan will end this year with assaults accusations and her bank accounts unable to work.

Demi Lovato Supports Lindsay Lohan

Singer and “The X Factor” younger judge, Demi Lovato stood up against gossip blogger Perez Hilton for his tweets related to Lindsay Lohan recent altercation.The twitter fight between both of them have been erased.

Demi Lovato defended Lindsay Lohan from Perez Hilton tweets.

For those who have seen Perez Hilton Blog, it is well known that the gossip blogger way of saying things is fierce and outspoken. Vulgar and nosy according to many opinions. The latest subject on the showbiz table is Lindsay Lohan bar fight in a New York Bar. Obviously the blogger stated his opinion via Twitter, only this time singer Demi Lovato was there for Lohan defense.

Demi Lovato is a living example that rehabilitation works. The singer who after her breakup with singer Joe Jonas, entered a rehab center for anxiety, cutting, addictions and bulimia; is now part of one the most viewed reality on American television. The “Skyscraper” author met Lindsay Lohan at Kim Kardashian wedding in 2011. During the ceremony the singer was spotted talking with the actress about rehab and life changing. Even though Lovato is 4 years younger than Lohan, the singer made a good impression on the actress.

With this background of moral support, there is no doubt the singer was going on Lohan defense against Perez Hilton tweets. Here is the register of the tweets and replies.

  • @PerezHilton: “Lindsay Is On Cocaine and Out Of Control, Says Michael Lohan!”
  • @ddlovato: “@PerezHilton hey how about you just leave her alone? Instead of kicking someone while they are down?”
  • @PerezHilton: “@ddlovato The media is not harming Lindsay. She is doing that to herself. She needs to take accountability before she will get better.”
  • @ddlovato: “@PerezHilton The media don’t realize when you need to stop. This isn’t a headline for your readers. This is someone’s life.”
  • @PerezHilton: “@ddlovato Do you really think Lindsay Lohan wants the media to not write about her? She needs attention and creates drama to get it.”
  • @ddlovato: “@PerezHilton regardless, why does it need to become everyone’s business? If you believe someone needs help – help them.”
  • @PerezHilton: “@ddlovato I have compassion for Lindsay, but I don’t feel sorry for her. There is a difference. Glad U are doing well!”
  • @ddlovato: “@PerezHilton I know you’re doing your job. But I like reading your site for the funny, uplifting random videos of babies or animals better.”

They ended the fight in good terms. Even though Perez Hilton has become one the most influential and popular entertainment bloggers, Demi Lovato speaks from a spot she has been before. The drama Lindsay Lohan is currently living have brought her back to her own drama from which she has already grown.

Chris Brown Deleted his Twitter Account

Years have passed since the altercation between Chris Brown and Rihanna, which sent the female singer to the hospital and the american rapper to jail. The public opinion haven’t forgotten about the issue, and the rapper is still identified as a domestic abuser.

Chris Brown and Rihanna hugging. (November 2012)

The subject is now turned back to spotlight because of Rihanna recent comments about she still loving him and an Instagram picture of both of them hugging on Thanksgiving Day. On the other hand, the rapper has begun an agressive and vulgar twitter fight with American comedian Jenny Johnson that guided him to suspend his Twitter Account.

Everything started with the rapper tweeting “I look old as f**k! I’m only 23…”. The american comedian replied with “I know! Being a worthless piece of sh*t can really age a person.” From then the cross words got ugly.

Via tweets the rappers suggested the comedian to perform oral sex to him and then assume she was a prostitute. Jenny Johnson responded correcting the rapper orthography and posting a 2009 link about the Rihanna-Brown fight.

Justifying, Chris Brown told Johnson to ask Rihanna is she was mad about the fact he beat her up in 2009. Finally, both of them couldn’t make each other realize their own point of view. Jenny Johnson tweeted “Ok I’m done” meanwhile Chris Brown tweeted to his fans “To teambreezy I’m not upset”.

The rapper alleged he will dedicated himself to live in the real world.

Lindsay Lohan Arrested after New York Fight

Even though Lindsay Lohan keep trying to put her career back on track, the track doesn’t want to. Actress Lindsay Lohan has been arrested at 4 AM after getting involved in a bar fight with another on New York City.

Lindsay Lohan Arrested after Bar Fight.

Lohan has a crime and rehab record getting longer and longer since 2007. In this blog, we have written all all about her rehab time, her jail time, her court statements, her relationships and all of the allegations presented agains her; and her new filming projects, obviously.

According to source who witnessed the incident, Lindsay was out clubbing with some friends in the Club Avenue on New York City; some minutes later, she started having a few words with another woman asking her to give her some space, around the 4 am, allegedly Lindsay threw the first punch against the woman and then leave the crime scene on a friend’s car as a passenger.

The cops arrived at the leaving time, to stop the car and take Lindsay into custody. People are waiting to see what charges are gonna pressed on how this would affect Lohan probation time. The actress was on probation since June because of lying to the California Police about a car crash, where she said she was a passenger meanwhile witnesses claimed that the she was the one driving.

Chris Brown and Drake will not Face Charges

June, 2012. A New York bar fight was taken place on WIP Night Club, a woman was in the middle of the situation.

I am talking about the punch-up between rappers Chris Brown and Drake.

Chris Brown and Drake had an altercation on a NYC Bar on June 2012.

According to some viewers, the fight topic was Chris Brown former girlfriend, Rihanna, whom received a beating up by the rapper in 2009. Drake met Rihanna during the production of their collaboration for her single “What’s My Name.

During the fight, Brown had a face flesh wound caused by a flying bottle, even Eva Longoria former husband, Tony Parker left the club that night with an eye injury. He even presented a lawsuit to the bar asking for a compensation.

Now, almost six months after the dispute, the New York Police Department has decided to withdraw the charges to both rappers and their own entourages due to lack of evidence.

Even though the punishment has been erased, the rivalry between Chris Brown and Drake continues.