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Ryan Murphy Became a Dad on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a miraculous night for many living creatures around the globe. If you make a wish, it might come true. American Tv producer Ryan Murphy  has received the best gift he could ever asked. He has become a father along side husband, David Miller.

Ryan Murphy and David Miller.

Apparently, The New Normal Creator has followed his own tv show plot.

On December 24, Murphy and Miller emailed their closest friends announcing the birth of Logan Phineas Miller Murphy, who weighed 6.6 punds and measured 21 inches.

The couple who got married on July, 2012, had their first son via surrogate.

Inside the message to their friends there was a picture of baby Logan inside a Christmas stocking.

They are still waiting the arrival of their baby.

David Miller is a well known photographer meanwhile Ryan Murphy is very busy producing:

  • Glee 
  • American Horror Story 
  • The New Normal

Gisele Bündchen had a Baby Girl

Brazilian Supermodel, Gisele Bündchen has gone head over hills after giving birth to her daughter Vivian Lake. She has been so excited and overwhelmed with joy, she has been sharing pics from her baby on the social media.

Gisele Bündchen daughter Vivian Lake

The former Victoria Secrets angel has confirmed his recently born daughter is in perfect health and that she and her husband NFL player Tom Brady considered themselves as “very lucky parents”.

On her Facebook Page, Gisele Bündchen post this message.

We feel so lucky to have been able to experience the miracle of birth once again and are forever grateful for the opportunity to be the parents of another little angel. Vivian Lake was born at home on December 5. She is healthy and full of life.
Thank you all for your support and well wishes. We wish you and your families many blessings .

This is Bündchen second child with her husband Tom Brady. Meanwhile this is actually his third child. Brady has a 5-year-old son with model and actress Bridget Moynahan, better known for her role as Dr. Susan Calvin in “I,Robot”.

Psy is the New King of Youtube

It was 2010 when Lady Gaga music video ‘Bad Romance’ positions itself as number 1 video on Youtube. It’s 2012 and during the year, the number 1 position has flicked over three singers: Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen and Psy.

Psy – Gangam Style – Youtube Views [25-11-2012]

At the beginning of the year, thanks to the promotion of her fellow canadian singer Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen reach the number one of Youtube with her single ‘Call Me Maybe. The hit was so big that a several number of parodies have been done using the single.

On July 15, south korean singer Psy uploaded his music video ‘Gangnam Style’. The melodies and the dancing were so unique, original and catchy than american singers like Britney Spears got addicted to the single. She presented herself in Ellen Degeneres show trying to do the ‘horse riding dance’. The Gangnam Style trend was so big, he banished ‘Call Me Maybe’ and became the new Number 1.

Justin Bieber – Baby – Youtube Views [25-11-2012].

Watching these numbers, the ‘Beliebers’ (that is the name for a fanatical devotee of Justin Bieber) started a campaign to put Justin Bieber first single ‘Baby’ up in number one, and they did. While Psy was parked at 700 million views, Justin got to the 800 million views. That rank must now be updated. A few days ago, Gangnam Style returned to the Number 1 position in Youtube Most Watched Video.

Thanks to the fact that the runner Bieber single was the first one uploaded, 2 years ago; the market who still watch that video is in a high percent a Belieber. On the other hand, Psy uploaded Gangnam Style on July 2012, there are still many people who hasn’t seen the music video or hasn’t forgotten about it. Above of that, Psy reaches to a demography of kids, teens, adults and seniors, male or female, meanwhile Bieber song is dedicated to female teens and young adults.This Number 1 rank in Youtube has not put the singers one against each other, according to their shared manager Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber and Psy might be preparing a collaboration album.

PSY helping to feed the NATION

Many times i use terms like OMG or OOOH!! BUt this post is all about OOOOOOH and OMG, what a cute little baby and OMG he is really eating thanks to PSY. With his “GangNam Style” PSY is really helping to feed the world, more than any of you!! lazy parents who rather doing “LIKE” on facebook instead of feeding your own children, you little……..[THIS POST HAS BEEN INTERVENED DUE TO TECHNICAL MATTERS, ONE OF OUR AUTHORS HAS GONE COOCOO AND HAS SOME DISTURBING PARENTS ISSUES]


Drew Barrymore, a 37 Year Old Mama

Some people say is a risky business having a baby at the end of their 30s or the beginning of the 40s. But girl drew barrymore took that risk and finally had her first baby at the age of 37. The happy couple welcome baby girl, Olive.