Spain: The Best Destination For Your Family Holiday

Author: Izzy Smith.

Choosing the perfect holiday destination for you and your family is not the easiest task, but your choice can be narrowed down according to the type of holiday, the desired climate and your budget. If you want plenty of tourist attractions, glorious weather, rich culture, vibrant cities and beautiful small towns, the location is one – Spain. This splendid land of sun, fun and culture will make you want to come again and again. When you stay on a family holiday in Spain, you can rent a car and visit small villages of exceptional beauty, explore the countryside, try the wine and delicious cuisine and go to all the best beaches. The magnificent coastline, the vibrant nightlife and the hospitable people are only some of the advantages of a family holiday in Spain. The country has attractions for all ages, interests and budget. Here are the top destinations for your family holiday in Spain.

Barcelona: Definitely one of the favourite locations – a city of beautiful scenery and rich culture. Barcelona is one of the must-see sightseeing cities in the whole of Europe, full of galleries, museums and various entertainment. The street performers, the great food and the music will enchant you instantly. Barcelona has some of the finest Mediterranean beaches, only a few minutes’ walk from the centre of the city.

Benidorm: Just outside of Alicante, it’s an ideal location for a beach holiday with your children. Terra Mitica Park is one of the biggest attractions – a theme park where you can stay the whole day. Other such spots are Aqualandia Water Park and Mundormar Marine Animal Park.

Galicia: Known as one of the provinces of Spain, Galicia may not be that popular, but it actually offers its visitors a taste of what Spain is really like – rich heritage and culture, a breathtaking landscape, coves and bays. You can relax in the sun or explore the area with your family. It’s also the place to immerse in the divine Spanish cuisine and taste the most delicious tapas in Spain.

Granada: A great destination where culture and adventure meet. Situated close to the ski resort of Sierra Nevada, Granada is the place to sunbathe and ski. The beautiful areas are full of cultural spots such as Generalife and Alhambra Palace.

Madrid: The capital of Spain is one of the popular cities for tourists in Europe. Favored for its numerous archeological and cultural sights, Madrid is the perfect family holiday destination. It offers a great nightlife, dining, shopping, entertainment, live scene and music. Some of the best European night clubs are in Madrid. A family can enjoy the calmer environment in some of the numerous local pubs.

Spain is one of those countries that are equally great for family holidays, romantic getaways and fun gathering with friends. The fine cuisine, the exciting nightlife and the beautiful sandy beaches attract millions of visitors from all over the world every year. Its proximity to France and Portugal allow tourists to explore the neighboring cities by car or train and enjoy the beauty of Western Europe to its fullest. For an unforgettable family holiday, head to Spain and you won’t be disappointed – the country has everything a tourist could ever want.

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