South Park gets Gangnam Style

Trey Parker and Matt Stone may had the most updated show on american television, when the Ipad was presented, they could combine the Apple’s new product with recently popular horror movie “The Human Centipede”. If something is considered as popular or mainstream, that topic will be an episode on South Park, it happened to Tim Tebow, Taylor Swift, The Avengers, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and now it happened to the Gangnam Style.

Its the Halloween especial, and the four guys prepare on going trick or treating dressed up like “The Avengers” (Cartman is Hulk, Stan is Captain America, Kenny is Iron Man and Kyle is Thor) but like a Stephen King “The Shining”  Stan’s dad on a idiot compulsive buyer break buy for $10,000 a Blockbuster store, so he makes Stan work there, helping him on Halloween night. Like the 70% of South Park population is dressed up like Korean singer, PSY in Gangnam Style music video. You can watch the full episode HERE


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