“Sin Otoño Sin primavera” review


Ecuadorian cinema, has been forgotten, underrated, but with so much potential on it’s hands, and this movie it’s a proof of that potential.

I’m an Ecuadorian art enthusiast, so I will enjoy doing this review. The Ecuadorian film didn’t shock me nor it disappointed me. This is the first film of Ivan Mora, won’t be his best.

The movie develops with an anarquist-theme of the middle-class teens in GYE (Guayaquil-Ecuador). The plot is not very good (mixing all the stories they had in a chronologic ravel), but maybe the objective was just that, not having essentially anything new to tell.

SOSP is a movie made to sell (not that there’s anything wrong with that), it is a very good production but not even remotely a very deep story. It has a really fast pace and misses a lot of information, until it ends on a “happy ever after.” In conclusion it will not let you down, on a Sunday evening with nothing to do.

Moritz Neumann

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