Sin Otoño Sin Primavera’, Premiere Today In Ecuador


Sin Otoño Sin Primavera

Sin Otoño Sin Primavera

Last Tuesday, Ecuadorian director Ivan Mora along his production team and the cast gave a press conference where he gave details of the film.

Inspired by the endless search for the identity of a middle-class erratic youth, and in an effort to break the mold and not fall into structuralism, Ivan Mora explains that the film is based on the phrase “the anarchy of the imagination” , which is maintained throughout the film. This was taken from the book of the same name by German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

Mora added that the film will be part of the official selection of the Sao Paulo Film FEstival to be held in late October, the first international event in which participates. He also announced that with the help of the U.S. Company Outsider Pictures, will begin an international distribution of the film in the United States.

Belén Guerrero

Journalist, writer, actress and singer.

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