Sci-Fi Novels ‘The Mortal Instruments’ to the Big Screen

The Mortal Instruments, a group of six novels of young adult science fiction and fantasy written by Cassandra Clare will be taken to the big screen on August 2013.

Screen Gems -the same production company that brought to us blockbusters saga like Resident Evil- is preparing the movie for the first novel of Clare six books saga named ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones‘.

Scene from ‘The Mortal Instruments : City of Bones’

The movie will count with a cast conformed by Lena Headey, Lily Collins, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Jamie Campbell Bower, Robert Sheehan and Kevin Zegers.

City of Bones tells the story of Clary Fray (Collins) a girl whose mom is attacked and taken away by a demon. She starts a quest to get her back but on the road she will discover secrets from her past and revelations from her bloodline. Joining her journey will be so called shadow hunters (Campbell, Heady, Rhys Meyers, Sheehan and Zegers), half angels and half humans with the goal of restoring balance in a war against demons.

Robert Sheehan, Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Kevin Zegers and Lena Headey during a scene of The Mortal Instruments : City of Bones

2012 has been the end year for some sagas, Harry Potter and Twilight, but there is also the beginning of three new novel based saga films productions such as: ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘The Host’ and ‘The Mortal Instruments’. We cannot count the erotic novel ’50 shades of Grey’ because the production has not started yet.

With ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’ there also are: ‘City of Ashes’, ‘City of Glass’, ‘City of Fallen Angels’, ‘City of Lost Souls’ and the final and not published yet ‘City of Heavingly Fire’.

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