PSY + McHammer = Gangnam Can’t Touch This Style

During the American Music Awards 2012 celebrated yesterday, the crowd burst in excitement when Korean Youtube hit Psy appeared singing the Gangnam Style with rap legend ‘Mc Hammer’.

Nathan Sykes and Siva Kaneswaran from the boyband ‘The Wanted’ singing ‘The Gangnam Style.’

The performance was presented by With a group of flashes, strobe lights, back dancers, bedazzled pants and sunglasses, Psy began her presentation of his most famous song Gangnam Style. Everything was going pretty regular; you can see shots from the audience, even other singers doing the ‘gallope-dance’ such as the guys from ‘The Wanted’.

With the end of the second chorus of the song, the audio went down and the audience heard “Stop. Hammer Time.”

The rapper, once known as Stanley Burrel appeared next to the korean, and join in a mashup of Gangnam Style‘ and Hammer’s ’2 Legit to Quit’ that made the audience dance the house down.




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