Portugal and Poland won’t Participate in Eurovision 2013

Eurovision Song Contest is an annual competition between active countries of the European Broadcasting Union, where each member presents a song and performs it on live television, then each and every country votes for their favorites song, the votes are calculated and rated on a 1-12 points scale. The song with the most voting win the Contest.

Eurovision 2013 – Stockholm

It has been 4 years since the World Economic Crisis, and the impact is still latent in the European Continent. The economic depression has caused Portugal to abandon its participation. Apparently the preparation, promotion and logistic traveling costs are out national budget.

Another country leaving the contest, is Poland but for reasons quite different than Portugal. Poland alleged that Eurovision Contest only care about the ratings. The country states that the most important element in the contest must be the song, and the way the voting system is structured for neighbors countries to vote between each other. Something quiet common in countries like Portugal and Spain.

There are certain rumors specifying that Spain will go the same way. According to experts, Spain is living the same issues Portugal and Poland have presented. The economic crisis we heard every day on the news as well as the fact that there has been many years since Spain got an acceptable position on the contest. People relates the lack of victories to the modern preferences of winning a song written in english.

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