Planning Your Next Vacation

Author: Izzy Smith.

Everyone loves going on holiday, but not many people enjoy the preparation for it. The reason is because there is a lot to think about and we tend to think we are forgetting something all the time. Especially when you are travelling somewhere new and taking your whole family, there is a lot you can worry about. However,
this stress is nothing compared to the stress we experience on a daily basis in our jobs.

Therefore, taking a vacation once in a while is just vital for your physical and emotional well-being and health. If you want to have the best time possible with your family, significant other or friends, make sure that you plan the holiday to the smallest detail. It may seem like too much work, but it’s best to be prepared before you leave than to feel lost after you arrive at the destination. Having a phrase book and especially a map is a must. Here are some useful tips which will help you prepare for your upcoming holiday.

The Place

If you’ve chosen the place you want to have a holiday at, find more about it and create a list of things to see and do. Moreover, you can check restaurants, clubs and pubs, especially if you want to travel on a budget. This way you save yourself some disappointment and paying a big bill. Check what currency you will need and bring some cash with you. If you don’t know the language, buy a phrase book and a map too.

Travel Documents

Keep your passport, visa and other personal documents in one folder. Double check if you have the travel insurance documents, the booking receipts and any
vaccine certificates you need.

The Luggage

Before you start packing you need to check the weather forecast. Take clothes which can be layered, in case it gets too cold. If it’s winter, bring a warm coat
and travel with your heaviest items, so you have more space in the bag for other things. Check the airline restrictions about things you can bring. If you are planning to do some shopping don’t take too much with you and leave space for souvenirs too.


Confirm your reservations before you leave for the trip. Have a plan B, in case something goes wrong with the hotel or another accommodation you’ve booked. If you are travelling to a completely new destination, you might not be pleased with the conditions – these things do happen.


Sometimes the excitement for the holiday makes us forget some of the complete basic things that we need – a toothbrush, phone charges, laptop cable, batteries, first aid kit, sunscreen, etc. It’s best to prepare a checklist in advance and then tick things off as you pack. Having a holiday planner is a great way to stay focused and organized at all times. You can keep this list for all your holidays and simply change it slightly.

Planning a vacation, whether it’s to the mountain resort, to the beach, a city sightseeing tour, a romantic getaway, a family trip, backpacking or camping, a road trip or an adventure holiday has the same basics – research, prepare, organize. It’s the best guarantee for a great holiday – simply knowing what to expect from the destination, the weather, the people, the sights and the entertainment.

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