Paris Hilton Surprises Orphans

We can say Paris Hilton can be a very impulsive personality. Everybody who was a fan of “The Simple Life” can sustain the comment. Paris Hilton has followed her instincts once again but this time with some charity work.

Paris Hilton on a DJ Performance in India.

During a trip to India, on December 3, the famous heiress bought most of a toy store and gave all the toys to a Mumbai orphanage. She started her Asian trip in Goa for a performance as a DJ on a fashion runway, after the show, she took her things and went to Mumbai, where as an impulse the first thing she asked for, is the closest and biggest toy store in town.

Via Twitter, the heiress described all her charity to her followers. “On Mumbai, I just went shopping. I bought thousands of toys. On my way to the orphanage.”

Two hours after the first message, came the second one “Just leaving the orphanage. They loved all the toys. Is awesome seeing them so joyful and happy.”

It was a big amount of time since the press had any information about Paris. The former actress and reality tv star has been away from cameras.

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