Oppa Madonna Style!

Even though Lady Gaga statements rejecting the possibility of collaboration with Madonna, “The Material Girl” seems careless towards Gaga’s ditch. The 54 years old singer is now joining the hottest kid in town, south korean rapper PSY and his Gangnam Style.

Madonna and Psy dancing ‘Gangnam Style’

During a concert in New York City, meanwhile Madonna was singing a mashup between “Gangnam Style” and her own “Give it to me”, she and her dancers stop the elaborated choreography to introduce the singer whose Youtube video has passed the 700 million views.

Madonna joins the list of several artist that has accompanied the south korean singer dancing his hit. Britney Spears did it on Ellen Degeneres Show. Glee did it. Former Madonna dancer, Daniel Cloud Campos did it. Even Psy did another version of the song along side korean singer Hyuna.

Here is the video of Madonna and Psy together.

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