One Million Moms Against Ellen DeGeneres

A few weeks ago when Christmas Advertising was just beginning to spread out, chain of department stores J.C. Penney presented a Christmas Ad with comedian Ellen DeGeneres and three elves. The spot caused the rage of “One Million Moms”.

“One Million Moms” is a nonprofit organization created by the American Family Association with the main purpose of promoting conservative fundamentalist Christian values. On December 4, the organization posted on their official websites the following message “JCP has made their choice to offend a huge majority of their customers again. Christians must now vote with their wallets.”

With a shock from the members of the company, they proceed to review the spot looking for offensive material. A spokeswoman of the organization explained that the ad’s content had nothing to do, instead was Ellen DeGeneres the issue. The group described DeGeneres as a “strong gay activist” and asked the company for withdrawing her from the campaign.

“They wanted to get me fired and I am proud and happy to say that J. C. Penney stuck by their decision to make their spokesperson” DeGeneres said to her audience on her daily morning show.

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