Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman Together Again

Chemistry must been amazing between these two in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, even so they didn’t share a scene until the end. Anyways, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman join together with a talented cast to portray Louis Leterrier upcoming project, ‘Now You See Me.

Jesse Eisenberg as ATLAS in ‘Now You See Me’ scene.

The film tells the story about “The Four Horsemen” a magic Vegas group which during a performance, using only ‘magic’ the group could rob a bank in another continent, expose a white-collar criminal and gave his money to the people in audience, who supposed member of bank accounts affected by this criminal.

The Four Horsemen‘ is formed by ATLAS (Jesse Eisenberg), Jack (Dave Franco), Henley (Isla Fisher) and Merritt Osbourne (Woody Harrelson).

FBI Agent Dylan (Mark Ruffalo) join Interpol detective Alma (Mélanie Laurent) and a famed magic debunker Thaddeus (Morgan Freeman) to stop ‘The Four Horsemen‘ pull of their next ambitious heist. Finding out that the group could pull all the magic tricks with high-tech but an outside point person is needed. The detectives must discover the identity of that fifth implicated before time runs out.

The film is expected to be released on June 7, 2013.

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