Messi is the Top Goalscorer of All Time

The Argentinian national team and Barcelona striker, Lionel Messi, is now the top goalscorer of all time in a calendar year, with a goal tally of 86. He takes off the record from the legendary Gerd ‘Torpedo’ Müller.

In a declaration to the press, the former striker of the Germany National Team said: “It cannot stop the time. The records are made to be beaten, it doesn’t stop to be eternal. And I don’t find it not well at all that it is Messi, the best in the world who snatches me my record, it is a honor”

The Argentine genius’ brace against Betis took his total over the legendary German striker’s 85 goals

Messi, Top Goalscorer of all time in a calendar year

Adidas released yesterday a new ad to celebrate Barcelona’s Lionel Messi breaking Gerd Müller’s goal scoring record.

Adidas, who’s boots Messi wears, then released an ad featuring both an old Addidas black boot and a new yellow one, with both records placed beneath.

Adidas – Making History / world record goals in a year Müller Adidas 2000 – Messi adiZero f50

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