Mark Ruffalo on a fight against Natural Gas

I believed that one of the actors that works only for art, is actor, director, screenwriter and Dr. Bruce Banner, Mark Ruffalo. Since “The Avengers” premiere I started following Ruffalo on twitter, just to find out that his tweets are greener than the pixels on his face. After surviving a brain tumor surgery and beating a facial paralysis in 2002, Ruffalo has presented his political views by several media stations.

Mark Ruffalo tweet during Election Night.

Ruffalo has introduced his postures on Irak War and 9/11, but if we must choose a subject the actor has dedicated the most time to talk about, is fracking. He has been speaking up about the risks related to this petroleum extraction technique.

The actor is the co-founder of the organization an organization focused on having a voice about all the damages mining and drilling is causing water. The poisoning and contamination with elements such as methane, benzene and thousands of other carcinogens is getting to a point of no return.

Water Defense Logo

Honestly I was writing this post to talk about Mark Ruffalo point of view on President Obama’s reelection, but recently when I was learning about fracking and watching the video below, of what the problem is all about, I understand the vision and the fear, Water Defense Organisation expresses.

Fossil fuels industry is one big monster to beat, but like G.I Joe always said “knowing is half the battle”. A warned planet can fight better against an environment unconscious mind. The main goal is for the whole world to have access to water that is safe to drink.

Academy Award Nominee, Mark Ruffalo

Usually movie and music stars start talking about the causes they support, sometimes they make it sound very vain, like is for one time only, but there are actors like Mark Ruffalo who focus on one topic and works for that one, knowing the science of the subject and the tools for fighting it. These is the key for changing the world, embraced yourself in information, establish goals and live everyday the message you want the world to hear.


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