Marion Cotillard will never go back to Sea World

Experts says When actors are so good playing a role, they messed up“, well is not exactly the words from the experts, more mine that them, but the point is that when actors lives so much the role they are playing, they can’t stop playing when the production ends. It happened to Johnny Depp and Heath Ledger; and apparently it happened to Academy Award Winner, Marion Cotillard.

Whales scene from French-Belgian Film “Rust & Bone” starring Marion Cotillard.

Marion Cotillard, a french imported talent is not an unknown name these days. Her roles in blockbusters films like ‘Inception‘ and ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Rises‘ made her name in the international market, as well as her role as ‘Edith Piaf’ in the movie ‘La vie en rose‘ for which she earned an Academy Award in 2008. This presentation of her resume establishes that anything stated by her will be mindfully heard.

The french-belgian film ‘De rouille et d’osalso known as ‘Rust and Bone‘ is directed by Jacques Audiard and starred by Marion Cotillard and Matthias Schoenaerts. The film tells the story of an unemployed 25-year-old man (Schoenaerts)  who falls in love with a killer whale trainer (Cotillard). For the production of this film, real whales kept in captivity were used. This subject made the leading actress very uncomfortable.

Here is another actor activistic story.

In several interviews, Marion Cotillard exposed her repulsion about working with animals kept in captivity and the fact she had to work out through her beliefs and do her job. The french actress expressed a moment of total fear; while working with one of the marine mammals, the whale got really stressed about the scenes the production made the animal do and starts screaming at the actress with her jaws wide open. Nothing but a glass separating the actress from the whale.

“I’d rather see whales in their own environment and not in a swimming pool. I will never go back to a Sea World.”

Marion Cotillard 

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