Make a Container Garden and Deal with the Lack of Space

Author: Izzy Smith.

There are always several ways to deal with a problem. In the real life we get proofs for this every day. When you really want to make something you will find your way to do it even if the circumstances are not on your side.

The situation with the making of a garden in a place with less space is the same. People who are keen on flowers and have the strong desire to grown their own at home are not always people with mansions with huge gardens at the back yard and whole forest in the surrounding. Sometimes no matter how long you wait you will not get the house with the garden you have dreamed of but there are still good chances to have beautiful garden in the space you have available for the moment. This can be done with planting a container garden and if you have enough patience and passion you can make it the most favorite place at home.

There are some simple tips that if followed will guarantee you good results with the container garden. To start with the first one it is strongly recommended to begin with planting of the flowers you are going to grow in your garden. This is the most essential part and if you make good roots for your plants you will always have strong healthy flowers that will blossom and bring joy to your eyes. The best mixture for this type of planting is the half peat moss and one half of perlite and vermicumite mixed each with half part of the half or a quarter of all the quantity you are going to put in the pot. Supply a drainage whole for every container which does not have one. Make sure you are pouring enough water each day in the beginning of the growth of the flower. Do not go too much with the fertilizing. It is enough to do it once in two weeks.

Pay attention to the details so you will enjoy the results of your work at the end. Pick the colors of the containers and match them with the façade of the building or the room you are planning to put them in. Do not underestimate this part of the process and be careful with the shapes of the containers. You can gain even more space when you pick different kinds of plants. For example do not get only ones that love sun, go with some that can grow in shade as well. Thus you will have more space to put your flowers.

Sort the pots in height and arrange them on your stairs. The shortest should be below. Form a green path to your entrance door and give dramatic look to your facade. You can also use climbing flowers in case you have pillars or columns in the architecture of the place you live in. You do not necessarily have to put limits in the number of flowers or the kinds of flowers you are going to grow. Variety creates beauty.

Exotic flowers may not be usual for some places in the world but they surely create special atmosphere and look. They are very good option for homes with pastel colors on the walls and the façade. They will be very interesting and will fill the vertical dimension of the place. Use contrasts as you put plain flowers in fancy pots and incredible ones in simple containers.

As you have different kinds of flowers you have to be very careful and know exactly when to water them and how often to do it. Keep notes of you need to or otherwise when a flower dies it will spoil the balance you have already created in your container garden. Written for EC3 man and van and West Thurrock removals firm

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  1. I loved your post.Really thank you! Cool.

  2. I’ve been at my current employer for six years, I feel like its a dead end. There is no room to grow and the pay isn’t that great. I have some money saved, and I can either live with my cousin or find an apartment.

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