Lindsey Stirling Tour Footage

I have been a Lindsey Stirling follower since a friend of mine showed me her video playing the songs from ‘Zelda: The Ocarina of Time‘ and I was shocked. I became a devoted fan when I heard her version of Rihanna’s ‘We found love’ in Kenya featuring singer Alisha Popat. Watching the video below, you can realize that I’m not the only one.

Here we have some mentions and moments taken from the video below.

Picture taken from ‘Lindsey Stirling Tour.’


It is always a great sale strategy to present your product as attractive and desirable. A ‘SOLD OUT’ sign is a great value to every artist.

Picture taken from ‘Lindsey Stirling Tour.’

The last time I was shocked about market preferences is when the news presented the lines that crossed blocks to buy the last ‘Harry Potter‘ book. At that moment, you could see that a book could move millions, and those millions were interested in reading. A ‘SOLD OUT‘ sign and picture with a excited mob about to hear a girl playing her violin, presents you a great message for classic instruments, and that Lindsey Stirling found the perfect way to make ‘the stereotypical classical instruments’ turn into a modern wave and directed to a new cultural interested community.

Picture taken from ‘Lindsey Stirling Tour.’

It is hard to find music that both your parents and yourself can share and enjoy together, impossible is to find a concert you can both assist. Lindsey made this possible. It is amazing watching the different segments of the community entering Lindsey Stirlingcommunity. Teenagers addicted to Youtube, Classic music professionals, 10 years old girls with a few violin lessons, seniors having a fun night and regular adults passing the time and having a new perception of nowadays music.

Picture taken from ‘Lindsey Stirling Tour.’

Some kid dancing with his shadow as Lindsey does in her video ‘Shadows.’

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