Leia, the New Disney Princess

Since George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Walt Disney Company, all the characters from cult film “Star Wars belong now to Mickey Mouse creator. Ten minutes after the sale confirmation, there were a hundred of memes involving characters like Han Solo, or Luke Skywalker relating them to their new family, the Disneys Corporation. Same happen to Princess Leia in the video below.

Scene from the “Disney Princess Leia – Star Wars Disney Princesses!”

AVbyte is a web project about pop culture musicals started by brothers, Antonius and Vijay Nazareth. They have been posting their own videos since January of this year. Their work are primely promoted via social media (facebook, twitter and mostly Youtube). Most of the times, the topics used as themes surround pop culture like “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises”, “Dr Who”, “The Walking Dead” and in some occasions more intelectual topics such as: intel and instagram.

These guys have combined their ideas and prepare the welcome musical to Princess Leia sung by all the Disney princesses.

The video “Disney Princess Leia – Star Wars Disney Princesses” is starred by Sarah Moliski as Princess Aurora from “Sleeping Beauty”, Stephanie Kenna as Princess Leia from “Star Wars trilogy“, Molly Gallagher as Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”, Elizabeth Oldak as Belle from “beauty and The Beast”, Tiger Darrow as Snow White from “Snow white and the seven dwarfs” and Tanja Nagler as Cinderella from the movie with the same name. The music and lyrics were prepared by Antonius Nazareth and the Direction and Edition by Vijay Nazareth.

Alfredo Viteri is a 24 years old IIG. He thinks he’s an Editor, a Web Designer, an Author, a Comedian, an Actor, an Executive Producer, a Critic, a Host. Now he is writing about showbiz, Hollywood, music and beyond. Don’t know why I’m writing in third person if I’m the one writing it.

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