Kim Kardashian Criticized by Human Rights Watch

Kim Kardashian is a Tv personality who always gives something to talk about, the failed marriage, the sex tape, the crazy family, her strange need for being in every tv show of E! Entertainment and her recent romance with rapper Kanye West.

Kim K is now the target of every Human Rights organization around the globe for promoting a milkshake franchise in Bahrain, where riots against the regimen dictatorship has raised. Not only promoting the product as it was stated on the contract she signed, but tweeting extremely flattering messages to Bahrain aroused the annoyance of the people.

Disturbes in Bahrain are related to Kim Kardashian arrival.

“I just got to Bahrain! OMG can I move here please? Prettiest place on earth!” Kim Kardashian tweeted this about a country that has caused hundreds of damages and wounded for about 20 months.

Human Rights Watch Director, Kenneth Roth has described Kardashian attitude as “bland insensitivity to the harsh repression of the government to protest movements.”

Prestigious investigation journalist, Amber Lyon accused Kardashian of “doing public relations for dictatorships.”

After the announcement of the Kardashian sponsoring, following the order of events, everything begin like these:

  1. First the Bahrain Parlament tried to stop Kim Kardashian arrival through a failed resolution.
  2. Then, people attended to her big opening starting a riot with the local police.
  3. Finally realizing Bahrain situation, Kim Kardashian cut her vacations short and erased her controversial tweets.

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