Ke$ha New Music Video “Die Young”

Kesha is back to promote her second album “Warrior” and present a new music video with the lead song ‘Die Young’ . The song was released on September 25, 2012 with a length of 3.33. With this latest hit, Kesha maintain her genre zone in the electropop.

Ke$ha Music Video – ‘Die Young’

The singer has always been at the corner of scandal. Allegations of overly sex and booze promoters music videos are common daily for Ke$ha.

This video contains cards gaming, falcons flying, wolves mating, people with lipstick malfunction and a wannabe sexy bisexual orgy scene. But is the Illuminatis references that brought all the criticism. During the video, Kesha is presented as a cult leader in a rural area in Mexico meanwhile inverted crosses, the all-seeing-eye of Horus and triangles fly through scene.

A notorious Illuminati shout-out.

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