Justin Bieber is Really Sorry for Smoking Weed

Days ago, I posted a long summary about all the hints that reflects how pop singer Justin Bieber career was going through rough times, with more downs than ups.

Justin Bieber: Grammys, Selena, Weed and Tattoos?

Justin Bieber Marijuana Picture by TMZ

In this article I explain how recent 4 facts like his breakup with Selena Gomez, his tattoo addiction, he’s not being nominated for the Grammy’s and he’s being caught smoking weed have manage to stated the beginning of a downfall for the young singer, in my not fanatic opinion.

Last Saturday, during his participation in ‘Saturday Night Live’, in a sketch portraying as a Miley Cyrus fan, the singer expresses “I heard he got busted for smoking weed, and he’s sorry about it. People make mistakes and he’s never gonna do it again”. The girls in the audience reacted maniacally, screaming and applauding.

For the grown up eye, this is a quick and good way of dodging the media slam withdrawing his label as a role model for youth, because it is true that the singer holds billions of fans following and getting influenced by his behavior; but we expects this won’t be seen as a right thing to do. Everybody make mistakes but there is a word prevention that must not be ignored. If you blow up someone’s house, you can be truly regretful and truly sorry about what you did, but even the honest apology won’t rebuild a house.

Apologies for this biased article.



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