Justin Bieber: Grammys, Selena, Weed and Tattoos?

In 2005 Britney Spears premiered her first reality show next to her husband and backup dancer, Kevin Federline, Chaotic. In 2007 Britney Spears performed on the stage of the MTV Music Awards with her latest single ‘Gimme More’. For the press, Spears became a helpless case and a bad example. But her fans number didn’t decrease. What is the conclusion? Fans opinion don’t matter when pointing out an artist as a screwed up living creature, media does.

It has passed 30 days and there are four top stories about Justin Bieber to talk about.

Justin Bieber Marijuana Picture by TMZ

1.- Justin Bieber VS Grammys

On December 7, the pop world received the Grammy nominations which excluded artists like Lady Gaga, Psy, Lana del Rey, One Direction and canadien singer, Justin Bieber, who was very sad and disappointed for not being nominated. So upset, his manager, Scooter Braun, began a twitter strike with the support of all the beliebers for the Grammys snub. Apparently, with record sales for singles like “As long as you loved me” and “Boyfriend” made the Bieber crew very confident about a nomination. Media declared this one as one the biggest humiliation of 2012.

2.- Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

After his major breakup with actress Selena Gomez on October 24, 2012, media expressed sadness for the JB & SG closure and after 45 seconds they were happy for Bieber new life as a single boy. He even was put up with Victoria Secret model, Barbara Palvin who received many death threats from Bieber & Gomez fans. On December, Bieber tried once again to rebuild the relationship during a vacation trip to Mexico but he couldn’t make it. Gomez returned back to L.A without Bieber. Sources claimed that this was the definitive breakup, and that Selena stated Bieber has becomed a bad influence.

3.- Justin Bieber Caught Smoking Weed

Justin Bieber Latest Tattoo

During an interview with magazine ‘Top of the Pops’ Bieber confessed he is now living on his own. He left his parents house but he’s still obeying their orders and trying not to upset them. Well,in the last days a picture has appeared that might not be appropriate for his baby book. TMZ published a picture of Justin Bieber with appears to be a marijuana cigarette. After an allegation this big, everybody opinion. The press says this is the reason his breakup with Selena Gomez, Bieber friendly press says this will help his image of bad boy and that is the influence of rapper friend Lil Twist, the beliebers began a cutting vein campaign so Justin stop smoking pot and finally Justin himself tweeted about having so much too learn. He was talking about inhaling techniques or forgiveness?

4.- Justin Bieber Tattoo Addiction 

In like 20 days, Justin Bieber had tweeted or upload on Instagram the pictures of his two recent tattoos. An image of somebody’s hands on his leg and a one of the Village People members on his back. When you lose somebody, sometimes you have the need to print that special person on your body so you never forget it, but that’s not Justin Bieber case. Too many tattoos are okay for Travis, Blink 182 drummer but nor for him.

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