Is Sofia Vergara upstaging Modern Family Cast?

It was 2005 when I remember watching Sofia Vergara in a primetime sitcom named ‘Hot Properties‘. The show was so bad, it last only 13 episodes after being cancelled, but even then Sofia was the attractive feature of the show. But are those Sofia Vergara‘s laws of attraction happening in her current tv show ‘Modern Family.

Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen in ‘Modern Family.’

During an interview with Ellen Degeneres, ‘Modern Family‘ actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson told the story that during a trip in Mexico with his fiancee, he spotted Sofia Vergara, reach her and told her that he and his fiancee had recently got engaged. Sofia was celebrating her birthday with her entourage of family and boyfriend, Nick Loeb. She wished Jesse all the happiness in the world, for him and for his fiancee, Justin Mikita.

Jesse kept on telling Ellen, that days after the encounter, Sofia announced her engagement with Nick Loeb and the whole media machinery moved along to cover her story, meanwhile his engagement passed unnoticed. While talking with Ellen, you couldn’t describe Jesse attitude as complaining or hateful, he though how hilarious the events turned.

The actor also told that during her engagement party in which Jesse assisted, Sofia started making a toast for him and Justin Mikita engagement, but in that precise moment her aunt Cecilia fell from stairs and couldn’t continue.

Even though, Sofia Vergara was labeled as TV actress best paid, she stills is part of the list of the Modern Family cast who has not won an Emmy or a Golden Globe for outstanding performance for an actress in a comedy.

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